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Lactoferrin Supplements may help relieve eczema and psoriasis

October 29, 2014 by Works with Water
Eczema & Psoriasis droplet

Many people with eczema avoid milk and other dairy products as they can often make eczema worse. Now lactoferrin, the protein found in milk, is being investigated by researchers at Griffith University Australia to see if it can help relieve this debilitating skin condition.

Lactoferrin and eczema

Following a separate study examining the effects of lactoferrin supplements on people with colds and flu found that participants who suffered from eczema noticed improvements in their skin, a pilot study is now underway involving giving adults with eczema a daily supplement containing lactoferrin. It’s estimated that between 15 and 20 per cent of school children and up to 10 per cent of adults have eczema and sufferers often turn to cortisone creams or make changes to their diet to help alleviate the condition.

Lactoferrin and psoriasis

125 million people worldwide – 2% to 3% of the total population – have psoriasis according to the World Psoriasis Day consortium. There is now a substantial amount of research into how lactoferrin directly regulates the inflammatory response by binding to bacterial endotoxins. These gut-derived toxins are among the major contributors to the excessive cell replication in the skin and inflammation seen throughout the body in people with psoriasis. By binding these compounds, lactoferrin may prove useful in conditions linked to excessive absorption of endotoxins such as psoriasis. Lactoferrin is naturally occurring in the body and helps reinforce the body’s immune system whilst acting as a barrier to foreign bodies trying to enter the body. It’s thought that there may be an aberration in the normal function of this protein in people with eczema.

Take part in our study

A number of people who take help: clear skin, a lactoferrin supplement, to alleviate their acne who also suffer from psoriasis and eczema have reported an improvement in their symptoms. Whilst these are anecdotal observations, we’re very interested in hearing from sufferers of psoriasis or eczema who would like to take part in a study on the effects of daily supplementation of help: clear skin.

  •  Study duration: 12 weeks
  • Participants aged 18 to 55
  • Condition: mild to moderate eczema or psoriasis

If you are interested in participating in our consumer study group, please email

One thought on “Lactoferrin Supplements may help relieve eczema and psoriasis”

  1. lactoferrin cream ointments kill all virus based diseases such eczema we’ve known this for fifty years but drugs companies will not touch it because they make more money out of other products that do very little for skin diseases’ same goes for GPs

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