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Jet Set Skin Care Advice

July 23, 2018 by Samantha Smith

Everyone loves a holiday. Sun, sea, sand…it’s a well-deserved break from reality. But that ‘skin-dehydrating’ cabin air in the plane itself can have a detrimental effects on your plan for healthy looking skin. Skin is halfway destroyed by the time you even reach the destination if improperly maintained. And for this reason, we have outlined below some important Jet Set Skincare Tips to help keep skin healthy whilst travelling.

Prepare skin before a flight

Before even leaving the house, cleanse your face with your usual gentle cleanser then apply a non-comedogenic moisturiser that supports the skin’s moisture barrier so it is more difficult for water to evaporate from the skin during the flight.

Do not mist your face

Do not spray your face with water as this will cause skin to become more dehydrated during the flight, but DO drink plenty so YOU and your skin remain hydrated.

Fly make-up free

As the air is extremely dry in the cabin skin becomes stressed therefore wearing no make-up is a great idea as it adds less stress to the skin. Instead the non-comedogenic moisturiser you apply should be enough. If anything, pack an airport-approved amount into your carry on so you can reapply as necessary and keep your skin deeply hydrated and comforted.

Exfoliate after flight

For those with normal/dry skin, flying can cause skin dryness but for those with oily skin it can cause skin to increase sebum production to fight dryness which increases the likelihood of breakouts.

Having oily, acne-prone skin, you most likely already have a gentle facial scrub that you prefer. It’s a great idea to use this after the flight to remove surface dry skin cells that have accumulated then apply your chosen non-comedogenic moisturiser of your choice to restore skin’s moisture and help calm skin.

Dry skin can cause dead skin cell build-up, which can cause oil and bacteria to become trapped under the skin, resulting in an increase of breakouts a day or two after flying. This is why it is important to use your post-flight exfoliating product – to unclog skin cells and hep skin to breathe.

Make sure you blot skin

On long haul flights, blotting skin to reduce oil and acne causing bacteria is essential. As mentioned increased sebum production increases breakouts which is another reason you need to exfoliate as soon as you reach your destination to help keep skin clear.

Pack all your skin care products to help you stick to your skin care routine

And try and find airport-approved containers for your carry-on as maintaining a routine, especially when traveling, helps keep skin looking its best.

Follow these tips and they should help with you maintaining skin’s health, but most importantly… enjoy your holiday – you deserve it!!!

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