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It’s not just Japanese ladies that want to be beautiful…

April 9, 2013 by Works with Water

Lovely help: revitalise my skin review from blogger Suzuran (Ms Fujii).


It’s not just Japanese ladies that want to be beautiful, ladies all over the world want be beautiful… forever!

There are many beautiful ladies in United Kingdom, and from the UK I have received a very popular anti-ageing supplement.

Works With Water’s help: revitalise my skin gives skin moisture and vitality, in a jelly type anti-ageing supplement.

It is 100% natural – the supplements contain CoEnzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera. By eating everyday, you can support your skin from inside out.

1 stick per day – it’s a jelly supplement so you don’t need water etc.
I ate help: revitalise my skin before going to bed – ate, brushed my teeth and off to bed.

Japanese jellies are usually very smooth but this has more textured jelly… tear open and you can eat easily.

Gentle apple flavor, delicate sweetness – gradually I’m getting addicted to this jelly!

I started taking help: revitalise my skin at beginning of  March for 1 month and I didn’t see sudden changes but my skin condition is good. As I continued taking help: revitalise my skin, my skin started to feel less dry.

I think… I ate help: revitalise my skin at night so my skin feels best in the morning. The supplement is tasty and easy to continue.

As this jelly has element of sweet/dessert. You can happily eat this while you are on diet and not worry about calories.

As this is foreign product (United Kingdom), you might be worried about foreign language, and you may want to ask questions about the product, well…

Don’t worry!

Works with Water’s Japanese staff answered my questions carefully and I received a quick reply. I felt confident to be a tester for help: revitalise my skin and Works with Water – a very reliable company.

If you are cosmetic blogger or love cosmetics, check it out!

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