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Is Beyonce’s vegan diet good for skin?

June 16, 2015 by Works with Water

Beyonce has caused a stir this week due to the fact she had some “big news” to tell all of her fans. Millions of Beyonce admirers waited to hear what she had to reveal. Some were fascinated, others critical and many downright disappointed that her big news was that she’s becoming a vegan.

Her veganism may not be permanent – she’s hinted that it’s part of 22 Days Nutrition, a meal delivery service she’s invested in alongside her partner Jay Z. But it’s left many asking questions about both the benefits and the drawbacks of a vegan diet.

Here at Works With Water we’re really interested in how it impacts on overall health and whether it can improve the condition of problem skin?

Well, the answer is it’s hard to say.

Veganism isn’t for everyone because it can cost a lot to make you feel satisfied. Whereas in a ‘normal’ diet one might ‘fill up’ on meat and dairy products,  you may need to buy a lot of fresh produce in order to get all of the calories and nutrients you need every day for a balanced diet.

Another big issue with vegan diets that aren’t controlled by nutritionists and fuelled with lots of Beyonce level cash, is that people following them often substitute their cravings for dairy products and meat with other things that aren’t as good for them. This includes sugar-y products and lot of simple carbohydrates – we’re talking white bread and white pasta.

Unless the reasons for your diet are emotionally motivated because you choose not to consume animal products, for optimal health and wellbeing it might be more feasible to opt for a more vegetable-based diet that isn’t quite so restrictive. One that still allows you to consume some fish and dairy-derived products, enabling you to get the right level of nutrients from a wider range of foods.

This is particularly important if you are trying a natural approach to a skin problem such as spots and acne.

Our products help: clear skin and help: beautify skin are developed with natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help  improve the condition and appearance of your skin. help: clear skin is a soluble supplement especially created for those suffering from spots and acne and contains PravENAC™ a patented formula of lactoferrin, aloe vera extract, zinc gluconate and oligofructose to reduce the production of bacteria which causes acne and help reduce skin reddening. help: beautify skin is a ready-to-eat jelly supplement containing PravenAGE™, a patented blend of marine collagen, resveratrol and CoEnzymeQ10, which work together to nourish skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and ageing.

Let us know how your diet tends to affect the appearance of your skin in the comments below. When it comes to diet, everyone’s different!

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