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Independent Beauty Blogger’s review of our skin health products

January 17, 2013 by Works with Water

Check out this Independent beauty guru’s review of help: revitalise my skin and help: clear skin (Works with Water’s skin health range).

Watch the whole thing or fast forward to 17:42 to check out what she has to say about help: revitalise my skin which she recommends in her “Best Supplement” category.

She says “Since I don’t like anything that is in medicine format, or looks like pills, I only have one recommendation… help: revitalise my skin” she goes on to say that she has been taking it most months in 2012 and “I’ve actually seen my skin improve, more hydrated and more stable during weather change.”

Although she doesn’t suffer from pimples or acne she has reviewed help: clear skin (18:39) because her friends recommended that she add it to her video “A few of my friends tried this and it actually worked!”

Thanks Hakme for including us in your Beauty Awards!

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