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In-flight skincare: Tips to prevent dry skin and acne breakouts

March 4, 2014 by Works with Water

Most people realize that flying can cause skin to dry out and breakout, but they may not know why. Usually, it’s because they haven’t considered their in-flight skincare routine. Whenever the environment is moisture-free (as with recirculated air in a plane cabin), the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can, including the skin. Dry skin will tend to get drier and oily skin will get even oilier to compensate for dehydration.  However, mile-high skin doesn’t need to be drained, dehydrated or dull, follow these top flight skincare tips and step off that plane with radiant, glowing skin.

Pre-flight skincare

  1. Add a skincare countdown to your regime and, in the days before you travel, use extra moisturiser, especially at night. Also increase the amount of water you drink for at least two days before you fly.
  2. Apply a serum before boarding your flight. Airplane cabins have low humidity, so applying a serum that delivers enhanced hydration and protection is vital. This serum acts as a vehicle to deliver moisture deep within the layers of the skin while providing an occlusive seal to help it retain moisture
  3. If you suffer from acne breakouts then start using help: clear skin 4-6 weeks before your flight for blemish-free holiday skin.

In-flight skincare

  1. Don’t mist your skin with a hydrating spray during flight. When the air is dry it looks for water wherever it can. So, when you spray your skin with a mist on a plane, the air literally robs skin of the applied moisture. Basically, misting mid-flight really doesn’t do much at all.
  2. Drink plenty of water. While drinking water isn’t the most efficient way to hydrate the skin, it’s important for the health of your cells.
  3. Be sure to blot. In addition to drying skin out, flying can also increase acne breakouts for people with oily skin. If oily skin is dehydrated, oil production increases to combat dryness. Dry skin can create surface dead skin cell buildup, which, if not removed post-flight by using an exfoliating product, can cause oil and bacteria to be trapped under the skin, resulting in an increase of breakouts a day or two after flying. On longer flights, it’s important to blot skin with tissue or oil-blotting papers to reduce oil and acne-causing bacteria. Oil is a breeding ground for bacteria and the increased oil may exacerbate breakouts. When you arrive at your destination, immediately exfoliate and cleanse to keep skin clear.
  4. Pop a sachet of tasty help: beautify my skin gel supplement in your flight bag to treat your skin from the inside during the flight. But don’t forget to pack a couple of boxes into your case to last you throughout your holiday.

Post-flight skincare

  1. After flying, use a mild facial scrub to remove surface dry skin cells that have accumulated. Be sure to avoid facial scrubs containing natural grains such as apricot kernels, walnut husks, and almonds, as the sharp edges can scratch and irritate the skin. Instead, use scrubs containing polyethylene, jojoba beads, or micro-beadlets. To add back essential hydration and brighten the skin from post-flight dullness, apply a gel mask that is both calming and deeply hydrating, so skin gets the moisture it needs.
  2. For the first few days of your trip add extra moisturiser to your regime, as you did pre-flight. Continue to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water.
  3. Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun by using a all-round sunscreen.

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