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The Most Important Natural Beauty Swaps to Make in 2019

August 2, 2019 by Samantha Smith

This is a guest blog post by Wendy Dessler, from The Blog Frog.

With updates every day about toxic ingredients in cosmetic and beauty products, the best choice modern fashionistas can make is to go natural. Fortunately, going natural doesn’t mean that you have to go without makeup for the rest of your life. By making simple swaps, you can limit the contact you have with toxic or irritating substances for a healthier, happier life.

Here are some of the most important natural beauty swaps to make in 2019.


If you’ve been using store-bought soap rather than natural, handmade soaps, it’s time to make a change. There are numerous reasons to switch to natural soap. First and foremost, the fats and glycerin in natural soaps are far better for your skin than the soap you buy on the shelves. These healthy fats will hydrate your skin naturally, rather than dry it out or apply a residue that creates the illusion of moisture.

Another reason to switch to natural soap is the impact on the environment. One of the main ingredients in many soaps is palm oil. A significant portion of the world’s rainforests and natural habitats have been destroyed to be able to grow trees for palm oil. This cheap substitute to other oils, like olive oil or coconut oil, is ultimately killing the planet for profit.

Natural, handmade soaps are often infused with essential oils that have astringent, restorative effects, rather than harmful preservatives. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing and prolonged shelf lives of commercial products: soap is one of the most important switches you can make.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Like soap, shampoo and conditioner often have harmful additives that can do damage over time. While people are attracted to the lather of a store shelf shampoo, the lather is caused by an additive that creates those lush (and ultimately pointless) bubbles. Like seemingly-hydrating soaps, conditioners are also bad for having additives that create a barrier on the hair and present the illusion of soft, sleek locks.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of high-end, natural shampoos and conditioners are built to make you spend more money than their worth. Look for natural DIY alternatives. Apple cider vinegar makes a hydrating hair rinse that clears out product residue and excess oil. Mix it with water, aloe, and essential oils for a fantastic natural shampoo.

Ditch the traditional conditioner and make your own using argan oil. There are many benefits of argan oil, including essential fatty acids and deep hydration.


The makeup you put on your face every day provides a direct route to your bloodstream for harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, a lot of products that claim to be natural can still be harmful, as cosmetics are loosely regulated. Thus, it’s up to you to do your research and understand which ingredients to avoid.

Some of the most common makeup ingredients to avoid include parabens, sulfate, artificial color and fragrance, phthalates (often found in the containers), and oxybenzone. There are plenty of other ingredients that could be added to this list, but this is a smart starting point. Don’t trust the natural claim: it’s unregulated and most anyone can add it to their product. Read the labels first.

Natural Alternatives

If you’re concerned about putting different creams and treatments on your skin, then opt for the simplest options that are totally free from nasties. For example, help: clear skin fights blemishes and acne from the inside out with 100% natural ingredients:

  • Lactoferrin sourced from milk protein
  • Oligofructose, a natural soluble fibre from the Chicory root
  • Aloe Vera natural plant extract
  • Zinc Gluconate, a naturally-occurring mineral found in everyday foods

You don’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty. Trust that your body deserves the best and focus on feeling beautiful inside and out.

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