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“If you want to improve your skin why not check out Works With Water”

September 2, 2013 by Works with Water
coenzyme q10 benefits | Improve Your Skin

 A rather lovely help: revitalise my skin review by Japanese blogger, Ms Utsunomiya:

I had an opportunity to try jelly type beauty support supplement, help: revitalise my skin!

It’s a gel supplement containing CoEnzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera, great for anti-ageing.

Made in U.K, it’s a natural supplement, with no additives or artificial colouring.

It’s easy to forget to take beauty supplements but… help: revitalise my skin is easy to eat and a perfect treat as a snack. Delicious apple flavor and I had no problem eating 1 stick per day for 1 month.

1 stick per day – comes in cute foreign packaging which looks like a sweet. 1 box contains 7 stick, enough for 1 week.

The jelly looks smooth but it was more pulpy texture.

I have quite dry skin but after trying help: revitalise my skin for 1 month, my skin felt less dry and my skin tone has improved.

If you want to improve your skin why not check out Works With Water (U.K.).

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