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Hygiene is Essential for Skin Health

October 15, 2018 by Samantha Smith
skin health

Not to turn you into obsessive compulsive hand washers, but did you know our hands harbour an alarming amount of germs? Of course we will never be rid of them, and once you wash them, you touch something else and germs return – what can you do? Nothing, except practice good hand washing. Oh, and whilst you are at it, keep your hands off your face too if you want blemish-free skin because hygiene is essential for skin health. Here is why.

Touching your face

This is something we all do, for instance when thinking in front of the computer, talking on the phone, resting your face in your hands whilst in a café, it could be anytime anywhere. But our hands carry germs, bacteria and dirt which continually develops throughout the day, and when transferred to our faces could be preparing skin for an infection and for acne to develop. It is a common cause of spots and pimples circulating around the jawline.

How can we combat this seemingly involuntary habit? Most likely we can’t unless you have the willpower of a Buddhist monk, but we can try to avoid doing touching our face as well as keeping our hands clean so that when the habit does arise, we won’t feel the need to get the old loofa out on our faces and start scrubbing. Even wiping down your phone every few hours can help avoid the spread of germs. Hygiene really is essential for skin health.

How to wash hands correctly

According to the following steps are essential for effective hand washing:

  1. Wet your hands with water (warm or cold).
  2. Apply enough soap to cover all over your hands. You can use alcohol-based hand rub if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.
  3. Rub hands palm to palm.
  4. Rub the back of your left hand with your right palm with interlaced fingers. Repeat with the other hand.
  5. Rub your palms together with fingers interlaced.
  6. Rub the backs of your fingers against your palms with fingers interlocked.
  7. Clasp your left thumb with your right hand and rub in rotation. Repeat with your left hand and right thumb.
  8. Rub the tips of your fingers in the other palm in a circular motion, going backwards and forwards. Repeat with the other hand.
  9. Rinse hands with water (warm or cold).
  10. Dry thoroughly, ideally with a disposable towel.
  11. Use the disposable towel to turn off the tap.


Our Hands and Spots

Of course our hands will never be free of germs, and there is no need to go overboard with the hand washing, but if you don’t clean hands throughout the day you will be transferring germs, bacteria and dirt to your face every time you touch it which will only increase the likelihood of acne breakouts. So it is a great idea to practice good skin hygiene and wash hands throughout the day, as it is another essential aspect to support skin health.

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