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How to turn 5 deadly ‘skin sins’ into skin rescue resolutions for 2016

January 1, 2016 by Works with Water

Stuck for a new year’s resolution this January?  Then why not start with your skincare routine! 

Here at Works With Water, we believe taking better care of your skin is paramount in boosting self-confidence. Well-nourished skin that’s acne and wrinkle-free makes you look and feel better – expecially when it’s from the inside out.

We’ve collected together some of the most common ‘skin sins’ that we all commit far too regularly, along with skin rescue solutions that you can adopt as part of your resolutions throughout 2016.

Skin sin: Not washing your face properly

Yep, sounds like a simple one. But far too many of us are guilty of spending all day at work, all night with full make up on or all evening at the gym to only return home and cut corners. If you’ve been wearing a lot of make-up you need to remove it properly otherwise you’ll increase the chance of clogging up your pores, which could lead to acne. The same goes for working out. If you’ve been to the gym you must shower afterwards and remove all traces of sebum from your face or it’ll attract bacteria which in turn cause blemishes — especially in oily areas on your nose and forehead.

Of course it’s not possible to indulge in an extravagant skin routine three times a day, but planning ahead and ensuring you’ve got your shower gel and cleanser for the gym or makeup wipes at the ready after a big night out will mean you’re cleansing your skin when it needs it the most. A big ‘no-no’ is going to bed without cleansing, however tired you might be!

Skin sin: Ditching your routine

Although we don’t think you should go too OCD and carry out a complete skincare routine multiple times throughout the day, having a daily skincare routine is very important.

Lots of our customers tell us they find looking after their skin quite frustrating because they either purchase lots of beauty products and then don’t know which to choose on a daily basis, or they don’t know what to buy in the first place so reach for the same products time and again. They feel they never achieve a successful beauty regime and as a consequence their skin reacts negatively.

This year make sure you find a skincare routine that works for you and try to stick to it. Our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN natural skincare products are formulated  especially for those suffering with acne, spots, skin reddening and blemishes. They can be used as part of a simple skincare routine and as they’re soluble supplements, they only need to be added to water juice or even yogurt — so they’re ridiculously easy to incorporate into everyday life. You do need to persevere and take them daily as optimum skin benefits kick in after around 4-6 weeks. Miracles don’t happen overnight, unfortunately. But according to some of our customers skin ‘miracles’ can happen after as little as 4 weeks. So stick at it!

Skin sin: Not focusing on healthy living

The food and ingredients you put inside your body are reflected on the outside which does mean if you’re not eating healthily then your skin is likely to show it. A poor diet, not drinking enough water and too much alcohol can manifest as acne or sallow and wrinkled skin over a relatively short period of time.

Try to limit those unhealthy treats to ensure your skin, your mood and your body don’t suffer in the long-term. We’ve written about the skin benefits of eating an anti-acne diet for beginners, but the key things to remember are drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugar as much as possible, cutting down on carbs and keeping off the alcohol as much as possible.

Skin sin: Smoking

Smoking has been proven to affect your skin over time. Scientists have studied the link between smoking and signs of premature ageing and the evidence is clear. Smoking causes wrinkles because your face and mouth “scrunch up” when you smoke, which causes the fine lines around your mouth to be more defined. Check out friends and colleagues who smoke…and you’ll see the tell-tale signs.

Although there’s no way to fully erase the long-term effects of smoking, our natural skin supplement help: beautify skin is a ready-to-eat jelly that’s especially formulated to give your skin cells everything they need to rejuvenate, repair and rebuild damage that’s been done from years of smoking. After as little as 2 weeks of daily consumption, your skin will be plumper and look smoother and more youthful. Our unique PravenAGE™ formulation contains Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, CoEnzymeQ10, Resveratrol, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera, which are all naturally occurring ingredients that are scientifically proven for their regenerating and skin-healing properties.

Skin sin: Turning to extreme skincare solutions

Many sufferers of acne or ageing skin turn to extreme beauty options when they feel frustrated with their existing skincare routines. It can feel really challenging when you’re not getting the results you expect so many turn to abrasive topical creams and lotions, heavy make-up or oral contraception to deal with longstanding skin problems such as acne, spots, rosacea and ageing skin.

We suggest exploring the plethora of beauty and skincare solutions that are available, especially those products that are made of natural ingredients because they’re less likely to have any negative side-effects on your skin. When in comes to beauty products that you consume, then natural ingredients are also more likely to agree with your delicate digestive system as well as your skin, so take a close look at the ingredients when making your skincare selection.

What beauty resolutions will you be setting yourself this year? Let us know if you’re going to turn YOUR skin sin into a skin rescue solution for 2016!

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