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How to prevent acne from ruining your workout

April 20, 2016 by Works with Water
Stop Letting Your Acne Affect Your Workout

It’s the London Marathon this weekend and we thought we’d explore the science behind why some people get acne when they exercise… and how to prevent acne spots and irritation from ruining your workout.

From running to hitting the weights at the gym,  from yoga to crossfit, there are so many ways that different forms of exercise can benefit your skin, lowering stress levels and boosting circulation. However, frustratingly exercise can leave your skin looking red, irritated and exacerbate or even cause acne.

This is because when you exercise and your heart rate increases, you sweat. Sweating may be unpleasant, but really it’s good for us, keeping our body cool and clearing out our pores. It can also be a recipe for acne. Sweat can mix with your natural body oils, cosmetic product residue that’s on the surface of your skin, dirt and bacteria that’s been pushed out of your pores and that’s also in the environment and on your hands. This means that going for too long without washing off the sweat and grime can cause this ‘mixture’ to settle into your pores which can then lead to breakouts.

To prevent acne on your face and your body when you’re working out, one of the key things to remember is to keep it clean. Don’t wait until you get home to shower or wash your face, instead do it at the gym or carry around some fragrance-free wipes until you can hit the showers.

But it’s not just your face that needs to be clean. So does everything around you. Make sure your gym clothes, sports bra, and even the armband you carry your phone in, is cleaned regularly. You also need to make sure any equipment you use is clean too. So wipe down gym equipment before you use it, as well as your yoga mat, the towel you take to the gym. Everything that you touch, basically!

Many women find that wearing sports bras and tight tops when they work out can also lead to acne on their back and chest. In fact, some women who never had body acne before might notice it appearing when they start working out.

This kind of acne is sometimes known as acne mechanica, which means it’s acne caused primarily by friction or rubbing against your skin. To combat acne on your body, don’t immediately reach for topical treatments. Sometimes creams and sprays filled with fragrances can actually lead to more irritation and those scrubs you think might get rid of acne can actually aggravate your skin and cause your skin to create more oil as a protective barrier.

Our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN soluble skin supplements have been specially formulated from natural ingredients to help combat acne on your face and on your body. You can take them with a bottle of water post-workout or even add them into your protein shake or pre-gym smoothie. They both contain PravENAC™, which is our proprietary formula of ingredients which are scientifically-proven to reduce the development of bacteria that’s responsible for acne. So even if you sweat when you work out and happen to be touching dirty gym equipment, you’re giving your skin its best chance of staying clear and spot-free from the inside…

If you’re exercising outside then well done, you’ve broken free of the constrains of the gym! But remember to apply an SPF if the forecast looks sunny.  You can get burned even if you’re here in the UK. Check out our post about how sunshine can help ease acne (and how it can make it worse if you’re not careful).

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