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How to pick the right concealer to cover spots

February 6, 2015 by Works with Water
concealer to cover spots

If you have spots and acne it can be really difficult to decide how to cover up your blemishes during the day.

Do you try and hide them completely? Do you just go bare to stop clogging up your pores? Should you wear a treatment on your skin when you’re out and about? There are so many different opinions on the web!

Many dermatologists believe that putting too many products on troubled skin can further inflame problem areas, so what do you do when you’re feeling self conscious and want to hide spots or redness?

Well, we suggest you take steps to actively reduce swelling and blemishes while finding a really great concealer that you can rely on to cover your acne enough to improve your confidence in the meantime.

Here are some of our top suggestions for concealers to cover your acne, tone down redness and boost your confidence:

For coverage on a budget

We recommend using cheaper concealers sparingly – you don’t want to plaster it on! Layer a little bit and then apply some translucent powder and build it up slowly.

Budget concealers tend not to contain any special bacteria-fighting ingredients, but try to choose those that don’t leave skin feeling too oily or clogged up; and just make sure you wash it off before you go to sleep.

For light coverage

If you want some coverage but don’t want a thick product that might clog your pores while it hides your spots, then try concealers blended with fruit extracts to promote radiation for tired skin that needs a healthy sheen of coverage rather than anything too heavy duty.

For redness-banishing coverage

If you want to cover up redness, then you may have to pay a little bit more.  Aim for light coverage that you can easily build up over problem areas. There are some excellent concealers that have a slight green tinge, that help tone down any redness.

Reduce spots from the inside whilst concealing on the outside

As well as covering up your spots and blemishes, it’s really important that you take steps to clear up your skin fom the inside. help: clear skin, is a blemish-banishing soluble beauty supplement which you can add to any of your favourite beverages. Over just a few weeks of daily consumption it will improve the condition of your skin by reducing blackheads, pimples and skin redness.

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