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How to maintain clear skin when you’re playing outdoor sports

June 30, 2015 by Works with Water

Now the weather has drastically improved here in the UK and reached heatwave levels, it’s time to start focusing on what really matters this summer, like barbecues, sitting in parks and getting outdoors as much as is humanly possible!

To celebrate the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, we’re focusing on summer skincare tips for outdoor sports fans. Because the last thing you want to worry about when your team is on a running streak, you’re out of breath and the sun is shining is how your skin looks.

Enjoy the sun, but be sensible

It may not be what you want to hear after months of wall-to-wall cloud, but although the sun feels great and makes everything so much better (it really does, doesn’t it?) you need to be careful about the damage it can do to your skin.

Many experts now believe that sunshine is really important. Warnings to avoid the rays as much as possible a few years ago are now widely disputed as sun can be good for dry skin and provide your body with a big helping of Vitamin D. In fact, Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to other health complications, like depression.

So what’s the answer with such conflicting information? Use your common sense!

The sun feels great and you need a certain amount of it, but always apply a sunscreen if you’re going to be out in it for more than a few minutes – yes, even if you’re in the UK!

Also, if you’re going to play sports avoid the hottest times between 11am and 3pm or at least start playing after 2pm when it’s starting to cool down a little.

Be mindful about your time in the sun as well. Some days it can seem a little clouded over and hazy, but you’ll still notice your skin has become pink – get out of the sun for a while if you feel you’re burning and take a time out if you’re in the middle of a team game.

Always wash your face and shower afterwards

For some people this may seem obvious, but after you’ve been sweating you need to wash your face as soon as you can. Acne breakouts occur when sebum (that’s oil and sweat) on your skin mixes with bacteria and blocks up your pores.

To minimise the chance of this happening, you need to ensure your skin is clean and any excess oil and sebum is wiped away.​ If you usually do something sociable with your team or yoga class after an outdoor workout, then make sure you take some time to yourself to give your face a good splash of water before you can get home and cleanse properly.

Top tip: Many people solely focus on how clean their face is, but remember that during the summer months, when you’re likely to sweat more than usual, it’s just as important to wash away any surface debris on your body too. This will prevent any back acne or spots on your chest and upper arms.

Develop a no nonsense skincare routine

If you’re prone to skipping skincare steps because you can’t wait to get outside or because you’re too hot and sweaty to do anything, then develop a simpler, easier routine this summer that isn’t a hassle to implement.

With our help: clear skin and help: beautify skin supplements, your skincare routine can be simple and easy to implement on-the-go.

help: clear skin is specially formulated to rid your face of acne by reducing the bacteria you produce on your skin. All you have to do is add a sachet into a mid-morning drink over a period of four to six weeks and you’ll notice a visible improvement. You can use help: clear skin to clear up acne you may have anywhere, including back acne and acne on your face.

help: beautify skin has been formulated to improve the look and feel of your skin gradually, so it’ll make it appear more youthful and plumper, with the help of 100 percent natural ingredients, including hydrolysed marine collagen, CoEnzyme Q10 and resveratrol. It’s a refreshing and tasty treat for your skin that’s ready to eat on-the-go any time of the day!

What are your favourite tips for keeping cool and acne-free during the warm summer months? We’re keen to hear from you, especially if you love playing sports outside and have some good suggestions to share! 

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