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How to get rid of back acne: 10 Things you need to know

September 25, 2015 by Works with Water
Back Acne

Many people assume that acne only affects your face. But when we speak to our help: clear skin customers they tell us everyday that just as many of them have a huge problem with back acne. Although acne on your back is obviously easier to cover up, it can be just as painful, irritating and embarrassing.

We’ve collected together our back acne dos and don’ts to help you understand the causes of back acne, shine a light on the best back acne treatment, learn some of our top tips for clear skin on your whole body and how to get rid of acne for good.

 1. DON’T eat lots of fried foods

Although experts aren’t 100 percent sure what kind of foods cause acne, many people find that certain food can lead to skin problems. And back acne is no exception. Earlier this year we explored Is fried food really bad for your skin? and discovered that many nutritionists believe the link is all down to inflammation. This is particularly important for back acne because it is more likely to become red, inflamed and irritated by your clothes and bedding than acne on your face.

2. DO start an acne diet

Start to learn about the foods that cause acne for you and begin to change your diet. We shared an anti acne diet for beginners  on our blog. If you want to combat back acne for good you need to cut down on sugar, refined carbs and fried food and up your green veggies, Omega-3 fatty acids and water intake.

3. DON’T rely on prescription medication like Dianette

There are people out there who are prescribed medication for their acne, like Dianette, and they find it works well for them. But the risk with prescription medication is that there can be a number of unpleasant and distressing side effects when taking prescription medication such as Dianette.  So we would suggest that opting for solutions such as Dianette is very much a last resort

4. DO invest in a natural acne treatment 

Before opting for prescription medication we always suggest looking for a natural acne treatment that doesn’t involve putting your mood and hormones at risk, like the contraceptive pill, or causing skin burning and irritation, like topical products that contain salicylic acid. Instead look for  natural products, like our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN supplements, which contain 100 percent natural ingredients scientifically proven to reduce acne. Each serving contains lactoferrin (a bioactive milk protein), high extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate, which have both an antimicrobial and nourishing effect on your skin, as well as oligofructose, which is a source of soluble fibre extracted from the chicory root. Simply add to your favourite beverage or soft food every day and you’ll notice a positive change within as little as 4 – 6 weeks.

5. DON’T use makeup for acne without looking for treatment

Many of our customers previously relied on makeup to cover their acne before finding our natural acne solution. We understand it can sometimes feel like you’ve tried everything to get rid of your spots so you resort to covering it up instead. There are plenty of great, oil-free makeup products designed for people with acne, but we think it’s much better to look for a natural acne treatment that works for you.

6. DO spend time researching your best treatment for spots

So what’s the answer instead? Well, there are no overnight solutions to clearing acne. You need to spend your time researching new products and trying natural alternatives you may not have previously considered – like taking a natural skin supplement rather than opting for topical creams.

7. DON’T wear synthetic or scratchy materials 

When you have acne on your face the obvious advice is not to keep touching your spots. When it comes to back acne it’s a little different. You need to think carefully about what you wear because any synthetic materials or cloth that is likely to scratch your blemishes will only lead to irritation and possibly even more spots. We recommend choosing clothes that are made from softer, natural materials. So they’ll be much kinder to your skin.

8. DO keep your bedding and clothes clean

Not only should you be careful about the materials that you wear, but also make sure your clothes are clean. Bacteria trapped on your clothing can get into skin cells and lead to acne, especially if you often feel hot and sweaty. Make sure your clothes are cleaned regularly and also keep an eye on your bedding.  If you’re guilty of leaving it on too long then get into the habit of changing it at least once every fortnight.

9. DON’T avoid exercise

Although sweat and bacteria on your clothes can lead to acne, it’s a myth that you should avoid exercise if you have back acne. In fact, working out is beneficial for your body, your mind and exercise can clear your acne.

10. DO shower after exercise

Make sure your skin is clean following any exercise, washing away any bacteria that’s collected during your workout. Also wash your workout clothes after every session. This way it won’t mix with other oils and any bacteria on your skin’s surface to cause spots.

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  1. Dorothy Hill says:

    Thanks for the post, I am terrible with my skin care and really need to find something that will work for my ‘normal’ skin, I often breakout around that time of the month. I wonder if I’d have any luck with this product!

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