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Stoptober: How smoking can cause acne, wrinkles and poor skin tone

October 1, 2015 by Works with Water
girl smoking

Towards the end of September many of us enjoy the Autumn spectacle of the turning colour of the trees… or the delicious treat of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte! But for some it’s a stressful and anxiety-ridden time of year, because this is when many smokers turn to the Stoptober campaign in an attempt to give up their habit for good.

Dreamed up by the NHS, Stoptober is a great initiative that hijacks the month of October and provides smokers with much needed support, resources and encouragement to quit or cut down on their smoking habit. Whilst it’s challenging and stressful, for many it’s the extra push of motivation they’ve been looking for to give up for good.

The majority of people who smoke are all too familiar with the big health reasons that they should give up their bad habit.  Scientific research has proven that smoking can directly lead to serious health problems, like heart disease and lung cancer. And a close look in the mirror can often be the wake-up call to how smoking negatively affects our skin, causing sagging, wrinkling, uneven skintone as well as exacerbating acne and spots.

So – why do some people still smoke? 

man smoking

There are many reasons. Obviously it’s a habit that many find hard to kick and it just seems like all of those health problems are too far away or happen to someone else. People are great at deluding themselves into thinking life will never catch up with them – and this is especially the case with teenage smokers.

One of the main things that finally causes people to stop smoking is the havoc smoking can play on their skin. Often the effects of smoking are noticeable within a few short weeks of picking up your first cigarette.

This is a particular concern for younger smokers who are already dealing with acne and spots and who are yet to contemplate the effects of smoking as they age such as puckering around the lips, wrinkles around the eyes and an overall pallid and uneven skin tone.

What does the science say about smoking and acne? 

There are numerous studies on the negative effect smoking has on acne, inflammation and premature signs of ageing.

A study into the association between smoking habits and acne is one of the most recent to be published in the Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public Health Journal. It found that there are some cases where acne doesn’t actually seem to be linked to smoking. But, you guessed it, these cases are rare. On the whole those who smoke are more likely to have acne – even if it’s just mild, they have more pimples, spots and blemishes than non-smokers. Interestingly, the study found that it’s often men who suffer the effects of acne the most.

Will smoking lead to wrinkles?

Maybe acne prone youngsters have a good reason to quit smoking now. But what about the older age group?  The association between wrinkles and smoking isn’t a myth, scientists have been studying this link for years because the evidence is clearly visible.

On one hand smoking can cause wrinkles because of the way your face and mouth ‘scrunches up’ while you’re smoking. This causes those fine lines around your lips and the edges of your mouth to become deeper and more defined.

wrinkles from smoking

But there are many negative skin issues associated with smoking might not be obvious until it’s too late. In Maral Rahvar’s chapter on Smoking and Skin Aging in the Handbook of Cosmetic Science there’s a fascinating scientific breakdown into why cigarette smoke so negatively affects your skin on a deeper level. And, surprise, it’s all because of the chemicals within the cigarettes. Nicotine has been proven to decrease blood flow, slow down wound healing and decrease levels of the very ingredients your skin needs to heal itself and stay looking young, such as collagen production.

One rather bleak but thought-provoking quote from the book stated: “Smoking 20 cigarettes per day was equivalent in effect to almost 10 years of chronological aging.” What a statistic to consider when you next look in the mirror.

Can natural skin supplements help improve damaged skin tone?

Whilst nothing can fully erase the long term of effects of heavy smoking, a natural skin supplement such as help: beautify skin jelly is a specially formulated, totally natural supplement that gives your skin cells everything they need to help rejuvenate, repair and rebuild damage that’s been done due to the effects of smoking. After just a few weeks of regular daily consumption your skin will look smoother,  plumper and more youthful.  Our unique PravenAGE formulation contains CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, all naturally occurring ingredients well-known for their skin-healing and regenerating properties.

Are you keen to take part in Stoptober, put down the cigarettes for good and begin to enjoy a smoother more radiant complexion? Then head on over to the official Stoptober website or follow the #Stoptober hashtag on Twitter to find other people on a similar journey.

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