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How smoking ages your skin

October 29, 2012 by Works with Water

Smoking affects your body in more ways than you can imagine but most of the effects are well publicised however did you realise how much it can affect your skin health? The trouble is that most people start smoking at a young age and don’t consider the effects until it is too late.

Smoking leads to a chain of effects that ages the body – affecting it in all aspects of skin, hair, organ health, digestion, etc. All of this directly affects the ageing process but this is what happens to the skin…

Pale skin

Smokes contain harmful substance and several chemicals. These damaging, yet attractive substances, can smoke out oxygen and nutrients by depriving your cells with healthy molecules.


Premature wrinkles are a fall out of smoking. The nicotine narrows the blood vessel, blocking oxygen supply to your skin. Wrinkles are a constant complain for the older generation, but this can be your problem a lot sooner than you think if you continue to smoke.

Dark circles

Same goes for dark circle, the dangerous chemicals affect your blood vessels blocking the supply of oxygen to the skin. Smoking also forms bags under the eye. Every time you inhale, your eyes tend to create wrinkles. After a prolonged period, wrinkles around the eyes are more prominent.


They say if you frown a lot you are creating wrinkles, same goes for smoking. Every time you take a drag, you’re using particular muscle. But smoking also loses your elasticity of the skin, enhancing wrinkles around your lips.


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