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How much do you spend to look and feel good?

August 10, 2012 by Works with Water

With the economic climate so poor at the moment it has made all of us in the Works with Water office think about how expensive it can be to look and feel good.

There’s hair, make-up, skincare, body care, fitness to name but a few things. The cost of all this can add up. Have you sat and worked out what you have spent in the last year on aesthetics?  For most of us that is certainly something that we really don’t want to delve in to but would you consider cutting back to save money or is looking and feeling great something that cannot have a budget?

But it is not just the daily routine that we all abide to that can cost, there is the all important preparation for that long awaited holiday and oh can we spend getting ready for that…

A NEW survey has revealed that British women spend more money on pre-holiday preening than those living anywhere else in Europe.

The study, carried out by online travel site TripAdvisor, revealed a whopping 90 per cent of Brits admitted they spend money on their appearance before heading off on a holiday, with almost six in every 10 British women spending between £80-£250 on their appearance before going away with 15 per cent spending £250 or more on looking good in the sun.

The survey result also revealed:

  • 90 per cent of women will buy new clothes for their holiday
  •  77 per cent will visit the hairdresser
  • 61 per cent will buy new shoes
  • 57 per cent will buy a new swimsuit
  • 39 per cent will buy new make-up, or beauty products
  • 22 per cent will exercise more than usual before going on holiday, compared to the European average of 15 per cent.

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