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Hong Kong Woman Dies From ‘Beauty’ Treatment

October 26, 2012 by Works with Water

A 46-year-old woman has died, only one week after receiving DC-CIK therapy, a cosmetic treatment typically administered to terminal cancer patients, from Hong Kong’s DR beauty center. She and three other DR patients were taken to hospitals after suffering headaches and diarrhoea which turned out to be symptoms of septic shock, an often deadly blood infection.

What is DC-CIK therapy? This ‘Beauty’ treatment includes clients having their blood extracted, purified and then re-injected back into the skin to reduce wrinkles and ostensibly to encourage revitalisation.

This is a form of “cosmetic surgery” but it was not operated in a formal clinic, it was operated in a beauty salon! The company is now being investigated and the controversy is drawing attention to a legal loophole in Hong Kong that means its Health Ministry can only legislate over clinics or hospitals, not beauty centers.

The women each paid HK$50,000 (£4,000) for this “health therapy” blood transfusion!

Cosmetic surgery (be it fixing your nose, slimming your body, making your eyes bigger) is so popular these days, but how many of us have the true understanding of real safety! Also, wouldn’t growing old naturally, using products such as help: revitalise my skin to delay the signs of ageing or just being yourself, classify as a better form of beauty?

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