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‘help: your confidence’ competition winner week 1 blog

August 8, 2011 by Works with Water

Regular readers to our blog and website will be aware of our limited edition tote bag designed by Georgina Henshall, the winner of our Nationwide Student Design competition. The bag illustrates the concept of ‘help: your confidence’, and portrays a positive notion of increasing confidence and self esteem in young people. This is in recognition of the effect that acne can have on a person’s confidence, and how acne treatments can help to build self esteem.

free bag

As well as seeing her design on our bag, Georgina’s prize also included a 4-week work placement at the prestigious design agency Elmwood which she has now started – we thought you would like to read about how she is getting on. So here is the first of four blogs she will be writing for us.


My first week at Elmwood

And so, the time had finally come around and it was the first day of the start of my 4 week placement with Elmwood. The day started with a 6am wakeup call and a rush to the train station to begin the daily commute. Surprisingly I was feeling quite relaxed to begin with, but as the train pulled into Waterloo the nerves began to slowly creep up. I made my way on the tube over to North London where the studio is based, directly next to the BT tower in the busy streets of Camden.

After introducing myself at reception, I was shortly taken to a member of the team who couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly putting me at ease straight away. I was shown to my own work space with my own computer and whilst the team had their morning meetings, I took the time to do some background reading about the company and its values on the Elmwood intranet.

Shortly after the meeting, everyone resumed their places in the office. But not your average office – one of the most relaxed and fun yet professional offices I have ever experienced. Straight away I was briefed on my first task which was to look into potential designs for a major men’s product that the team were working on. I had the chance to look at working prototypes of new and exciting ideas that had been developed by Elmwood which would help me in my task of having to explore possible graphics for the new packaging which would fit the brief and the look and feel of the particular product.

After collating some imagery that I thought would work well on each particular product, I printed the images and took them to a meeting that was held in the afternoon. Everyone discussed their
thoughts and ideas for the artwork and were then given a different area to concentrate on for the rest of the day.
All in all, being surrounded by such highly talented designers – it’s fair to say I felt slightly daunted at the fact of having to show any of the work I had done with the fear of thinking “will this be good enough?” “what will they think?!”. but I guess that is something i will learn to deal with and get used to as the weeks progress and I gain more confidence.

I returned home after my first day at Elmwood feeling content and excited about what was in store for me tomorrow (trying to forget the 6am wake up!!) Working in a cheerful environment with such friendly people makes it all the better.

The rest of the first week continued to be just as exciting. My roles included exploring the surrounding shops and sourcing materials for packaging that would be suitable for the job and making some eye catching pictures which were then framed and took pride of place across the cafe wall for all to see. I also attended one of the regular daily meetings where the team watch presentations by professionals in the industry to keep up to date with what is happening worldwide and how they can benefit from it.

What did I learn this week?

Looking back on the week, one of the main things I learnt this week was getting used to working in Adobe Illustrator – one of the main design programs that the team always work in. Although I had used this program throughout University, it wasn’t a program I worked in a lot of the time. However after this week, i feel I am more advanced in the program and far more comfortable thanks to the help and reassurance from the team.


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