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help: revitalise my skin review – skin help for aging skin

May 28, 2012 by Works with Water
Tammy Gibson

Our anti-aging skin product, help: revitalise my skin, has been reviewed by Tammy Gibson on her blog ‘A Mom in Red High Heels‘, here is just a bit of what she has to say…

“You’ve heard of CoEnzyme Q10, right? This powerhouse supplement is considered the, “cellular spark plug that revs up the cells” according to one of my favorite books, “Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks.” We lose CoQ10 as we age so replacing it is essential!

If you need more info on its benefits, read “What is CoEnzyme Q10?” because all the scientific talk makes my head spin. I just know it’s good for you and it helps slow the aging process (I verified this with my pharmacist husband who has been taking a CoQ10 supplement for years!). That’s enough for me!”

And, if you read the whole of this very entertaining post you might notice a nice little voucher code you can use to get yourself money off help: revitalise my skin, help: clear skin (new concentrated formula) and help: clear skin men.

Read on…

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