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help: revitalise my skin review on MayI-SITE: Mother’s Diary & Review

December 13, 2012 by Works with Water
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Translation of MayI-SITE help: revitalise my skin review:

Made in UK anti-aging supplements, Coenzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera gives moisture and vitality to the skin. (First time to try made in UK supplement!)

Natural supplements, free from artificial colours and flavours, suitable for diabetics, controlled diet and also for vegetarians.

1 box contains 7 sticks of jelly supplements.
1 stick per day, 1 box for 1 week.

The effect of coenzyme Q10 and aloe vera are listed below.

CoEnzyme Q10 :
Help to boost the anti-aging cellular energy production, anti-oxidant activity, immunity and health maintenance. Protect cells and help to maintain a youthful body.

Aloe Vera :
Enhance skin cells and has variety of effects, Aloe Vera is used as medicinal ingredients for many years. By oral intake, help to condition the internal organs and is said to have a positive effect on acne and rough skin.

Consume directly in to the mouth, it tastes like apple.

Although it is written TEAR HERE, I couldn’t tear by hand (^ ^ ;).
I used scissors to cut supplement stick open.

Tastes nice cold, so I recommend keeping the supplements in the fridge.

So… I have taken help: revitalise my skin for 1 month.

I often ate the supplement when I felt little hungry especially in the afternoon or at night before going to bed.

Delicious apple taste, just like a sweet, but not sugary sweet!

To take this supplements you don’t need water, just cut it open and eat! Perfect convenient supplement.

While I was taking help: revitalise my skin, I felt healthy, had good skin tone and felt I have put on less weight. Possibly CoEnzyme Q10 helped to change sugar and fat into energy? Regenerating power of Aloe Vera and skin anti-oxidant from CoEnzyme Q10 is helping? I often felt the effect from taking help: revitalise my skin.

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance in the body but start to decline from 20s, so I thought now in 30s, I want to compensate my CoEnzyme Q10 with supplicant.

1 month supplements (4 box) 26 pounds. Calculating 132 yen to a 1 pound.
That is about 3400yen so l guess its a reasonable price for the supplement.

This supplement is now kept on hand in the fridge (* ‘∇ `*)

Thank you works with water for the introduction.

Link :

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