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help: revitalise my skin review from Mrs Sana

October 12, 2012 by Works with Water
Jelly Skin Supplement Review

I have been running a no carbohydrate diet (as much as I can) for a little while. With this diet I’m worried one-sided eating might affect my skin…

I’m in my early 40’s, busy parenting and no time for skin care and my skin has been suffering… up and downs. I’m worried about dryness, acne, elasticity in my skin and stains…

I have been introduced to products from Works With Water, perfect for the current Sana!

help: revitalise my skin – It is a beauty supplement in jelly, give moisture to skin and vitality. Made in United Kingdom.

I was surprised to receive the products by airmail… but inside the box I was relieved to find a instruction in Japanese.


What is help: revitalise my skin?
help: revitalise my skin is a new ready-to-eat gel supplement that looks and taste like an indulgent treat, but is specifically formulated to deliver particular skin benefits. help: revitalise my skin contains skin rejuvenating active ingredients that help slow down the ageing process.

What is good about help: revitalise my skin?
CoEnzyme Q10, a proven anti-ageing agent, and Aloe Vera, which aids skin regeneration, to help your skin stay beautifully revitalised… and in tip-top condition.

1 stick per day. Jelly type, apple flavour. Nice as dessert or when you feel little hungry.

When you put help: revitalise my skin in the fridge the supplement becomes a treat and also it was nice mixing with yoghurt! I was unsure about oversea supplements, as they are usually too strong in flavours etc. but now I think some countries are more advanced in organic and natural products.

Recently… my skin tone is really good! My skin moisture has gone up? My foundation goes on to my skin smoother and I feel wrinkles are reduced even though I have been dieting!!
Safe ingredients with results!

English site but how to buy is written in Japanese!

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