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Help: revitalise my skin review by Ms Sayomaru

November 1, 2012 by Works with Water

Japanese film & t.v., hair & make-up artist, Ms Sayomaru has featured help: revitalise my skin on her blog, here is what she had to say…

Introduction to another anti-ageing supplement.

This jelly type beauty support supplement help: revitalise my skin was introduced by Works with Water. It is perfect for age 25~40 when you really start worrying about ageing skin.

help: revitalise my skin is made in UK. No artificial sweeteners, colouring, low-calorie and 100% natural supplements.

It contains the popular ingredients Co-Enzyme Q10 & Aloe Vera, which specialises in skin renewal.

Just eat one stick per day and you can help your skin (anti-ageing) from the inside of your body.

CoEnzyme Q10 is a known antioxidant which boosts the production of energy cells, for anti-ageing and helping with skin maintenance. Also coenzyme Q10 has a powerful function to protect cells from ageing and keep that youthful look.

Aloe Vera helps regeneration of skin, enhance skin cells, tones internal organs, and is also effective in preventing acne and rough skin.

help: revitalise my skin is easy to eat, has no artificial sweetening taste and actually tastes of apple. Many health food jellies have a strong sweet apple taste, so I was surprised at first with help: revitalise my skin flavour and it was delicious after cooling it in the refrigerator. This supplement is good when you feel like snacking.

As the season is changing and we are experiencing cooler and drier air, I have become concerned about dry skin, well I have very dry feet…
However, thanks to help: revitalise my skin, I feel my skin is less dry, better conditioned and I’m happy.


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