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help: revitalise my skin is a hit in the Asian market – blogger reviews

August 15, 2012 by Works with Water

More of our Japanese and Chinese bloggers have been reviewing our anti-ageing skin supplement help: revitalise my skin, here are a few of their comments:


help: revitalise my skin is an anti-ageing supplement. The contents are in the form of jelly, smooth and melts in the mouth and the apple flavour is pleasant to taste, relaxing and fresh.
“It makes me smile, surely smiling is important element of anti-ageing. Let “help” help you.”
Lucky Wave 223

“I have tried few overseas skin care products but this is my first time for an overseas beauty jelly supplement, I’m feeling little nervous but I’m going to try (help: revitalise my skin).
” The Jelly supplement is apple flavour, compared to Japanese jelly, this jelly supplements has little more grainy texture. Easy to eat and delicious.
“I haven’t really suffered from summer heat and I feel less tired since taking this supplement. This jelly supplements seems to be good for beauty as well as for health!”
Yossii Arekao

“You see many beauty supplements nowadays, so I decided to have little change and try foreign supplement.
“I like this beauty supplement (help: revitalise my skin) because – it’s free from artificial colours and flavours, suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, coeliacs and anyone on a calorie controlled diet.
“The taste is simple, the sweetness is missing from the apple kind of taste and because its a gel supplements, its fun and interesting to eat.
“I have been trying this supplement for a while, my skin feels pretty good and stable. Possibly good for my tiredness? I crave for this supplement when I’m tired.”

“I have been trying help: revitalise my skin for 1 month and have found it to be very effective.  During the month, I’ve slept late and was stressed, but my skin managed to stay radiant and supple.  I love how convenient and how natural it is!”

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