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help: revitalise my skin – Himeko blogger review

September 14, 2012 by Works with Water

Our Japanese team have translated another great help: revitalise my skin blogger review for us and we would like to share her comments with you.

It is so interesting to see feedback on our products from around the world but more importantly to relay to others how these users have found the products and the results they have seen. We are so glad that they are not afraid to share their thoughts.

Himeko took help: revitalise my skin for 4 weeks and these are her words:

I have tried the supplement, help: revitalise my skin introduced by Works With Water. It’s 100% Natural and made in United Kingdom!!

Taste: gentle apple flavour.

I chilled the supplements in the refrigerator.

These types of jelly supplements are often pretty sweet but help: revitalise my skin is delicious, has understated sweetness and a refreshing after taste.

This jelly is not smooth, its more like grated apple kind of texture.

You don’t see sudden dramatic change to the skin but I noticed… I usually have spots just before my time of the month but I didn’t have any. Change of the season always gives me a bad skin but so far no sign of that. I’m getting more and more aware of the changes to my skin … probably thanks to this supplement.

Check out her blog here:

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