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help: revitalise my skin – AriesGirlKate review

January 14, 2013 by Works with Water


Entering into winter, my skin is dry, my nose has flaky skin and the worst is that my skin is so dry that it starts to have a few pimples, what should I do?  No worries, Help: Revitalise My Skin can help.  One sachet a day to create perfect skin.

help: revitalise my skin contains CoEnzymeQ10 which is good for anti-oxidizing and re-energizing skin.  It also contains aloe vera which is great in soothing, hydrating and recovering skin.  It has a nice apple flavour and can be taken directly from the sachet – it’s really convenient. After 1 month of intake, my skin is better than before.  My skin is hydrated and therefore the ad hoc pimples are less, and I don’t have flaky skin anymore.  One sachet a day must create perfect skin! Source:

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