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help: clear skin Is Truly a Summer Skincare Essential

July 9, 2018 by Samantha Smith
summer skincare

The help: clear skin range is essential for summer skincare in fighting the acne causing bacteria p. acnes. P. acnes can multiply faster in summer due to the increased likelihood of clogged pores as a result of increased sweating which mixes with sebum, dirt and dead skin cells.

Summer should be a time to look your best but skin does not always want to comply. By taking help: clear skin daily throughout the year you can help your skin stay healthy all year round, not just for summer. (Although, that is probably the most important month to you as it’s the only time your skin is revealed).

Summer no longer has to be a season of skin health embarrassment. Enjoy the skin you’re in with the help of help: clear skin.

How can help: clear skin Help Me with summer skincare?

In the summer, hotter temperatures mean people tend to sweat more. The increased amount of sweat mixing with sebum, dead skin cells and dirt results in clogged pores. Clogged pores are the perfect environment for the bacteria which causes acne (P.acnes) to breed.

summer skincarehelp: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN are specifically formulated to kill P.acnes as the active ingredient Lactoferrin inhibits its growth. This bacteria is present on most people’s skin and is responsible for acne, spots and blemishes. Taking help: clear skin effectively lessens the number of new skin irritants forming. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties so the size of blemishes are reduced and the blemishes heal quicker, resulting in a smoother complexion (which of course is what you want in the hot summer sun – to reveal healthy, blemish free skin).

Take a Look at a Few of Our Extra Summer Skincare Essential Tips

Choose Oil-Free Sun Protection to Protect Acne-Prone Skin

Oil-based sun protection only help clog pores, so use sun protection that is mineral-based such as with zinc oxide or titanium, as both ingredients are great at absorbing oil – not creating it. These non-comedogenic options won’t clog pores whist still providing broad spectrum sun protection.

Swap foundation for a tinted facial moisturiser

Use a non-comedogenic tinted facial moisturiser with an SPF built in – this way you spend less time applying make-up and more time enjoying the summer sun! The added SPF is a bonus so you only have one product to apply. Who doesn’t love time-saving??

Don’t want to buy a tinted moisturiser? Simply add some non-comedogenic bronzer to your everyday lotion and apply as normal.

Sunburn reliever

Aloe Vera Gel is great for treating sunburn, so it should come as no surprise that frozen aloe vera gel works even better! Simply pour your AV gel into an ice cube tray, freeze, and apply to your skin as needed for soothing sunburn relief.

What’s even better is that help: clear skin already contains Aloe Vera so applying to skin is essentially a double boost of the good stuff for your skin.

For a more in depth run-down on summer skin care tips click here

Do you have any other great tips for summer skin care? Comment below and let us all know.

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