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help: clear skin spot supplements – a case study

June 7, 2011 by Works with Water

There are so many treatments for problem skin and blemishes out there and we understand that after vast amounts of money wasted on products that don’t work, before you buy any more products you want to know – what actually will work?

This is why the team here at Works with Water Nutraceuticals has worked with a number of case studies, to have people test out help: clear skin supplements for themselves, and show their results in ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos so you can see their results.

Sarah Baxter is one of our case studies for help: clear skin – here’s her story:

Sarah Baxter knew she would suffer from acne prone skin at some point in her life as several members of her family battled with the skin condition for years. Her mother in particular had severe breakouts throughout her 20s.

For over ten years, Sarah tried to control the aggressive and often painful hormonal spots on her face by spending vast sums on different cleansers, treatments and over-the-counter topical creams. She even tried a gluten-free diet, which unfortunately had no effect.

Working as a make-up artist, Sarah admits she often felt embarrassed and insecure because of her skin condition: “People do look at your face and skin when you’re doing their make-up. It does make me feel incredibly self conscious.”

Sarah decided that she had no other option but to start taking a daily dosage of antibiotics to combat the problem. This was a last resort for Sarah, who was never keen on taking prescription drugs due to the side effects and uncertainty around dependency.

However, following a friend’s recommendation in autumn of 2009, Sarah stopped taking the antibiotics and started taking help: clear skin, which is rich in natural antimicrobials. After just one week her skin began to clear and after three weeks, her skin was in the same condition as when she was taking antibiotics.

“Since taking help: clear skin, the spots I have been getting are a lot smaller, not as painful and don’t last as long. Needless to say I am very impressed, as I have never found anything which has worked as well as antibiotics.”

Sarah is now pleased that she can use a natural acne treatment rather than prescription medication. “I really didn’t want to be dependent on antibiotics to control the acne, this way I am more in control of what goes into my body, with the same effect.”

There is currently a buy one, get one free offer on help: clear skin 100% natural supplements to clear spots, acne, blemishes and oily skin on the Works with Water Nutraceuticals website.

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