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help: clear skin reduces bloggers acne

August 24, 2012 by Works with Water

We don’t want to brag but…we just had to share Ms Fusa Shimizu’s (fuca fuca factory) blog posts about starting the help: clear skin trial and the results she saw after just 1 month. We just love how enthusiastic all our bloggers are about help: clear skin and how so many are seeing great improvements in their acne/skin blemishes after such a short amount of time. These unbiased comments are what we hope will show help: clear skin sceptics that we are telling the truth and help: clear skin can help in the fight against acne vulgaris.

The start of the help: clear skin trial…
Fuca Fuca Factory Review

“Recently my skin isn’t great… so I decided to try help: clear skin supplements! They are made in Britain – additive-free, no coloring, and work on acne.

“Cute, nice color packaging. I wish Japanese supplement packaging was like this!

“I tried help: clear skin with yogurt. It was little hard to dissolve… but the supplement has no taste, so you can mix with food without discomfort.

“Hope to have nice clear skin in 1 month time!”

help: clear skin results…

“I don’t really believe in supplements but after trying help: clear skin for 1 month… My acne was reduced!

“It didn’t clear up all my acne in 1 month but my terrible chin acne and face redness has reduced.

Also I have originally darker tanned skin but even we are in middle of summer, I think my skin had little whitening effect.

“help: clear skin didn’t have an unpleasant smell, surprisingly tasty, if I had chance I would try it again.”

Ms. Shimizu has agreed to trial help: clear skin for a further 6 weeks so we will share her comments after she has trialled it for longer.

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