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help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge – the results

August 16, 2011 by Works with Water

When Works with Water Nutraceuticals launched its help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge, 39 year old Elaine Hope saw her chance to combat the spots and blemishes that had plagued her throughout her 30s.

Elaine wrote to us, explaining: “At nearly 40 I HATE having skin that looks like a hormonal 14 year old! Not only do I have regular spot breakouts on my face but I also get spots across my back. I don’t know if I am sensitive to something but I can’t find a constant trigger; nothing seems to help and I am so self conscious about it. I would love to dare to go bare at my big birthday bash next year and have skin – all over – that matches my age.” Adult acne is surprisingly common but can be very distressing – everyone hopes that the end of their teenage years signals the end of spots and acne.

Elaine took part in the help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge, taking help: clear skin supplements twice a day every day for 6 weeks, while keeping a Skin Diary of her progress. help: clear skin contains 100% natural ingredients, including Praventin – a bioactive protein that helps reduce blemishes and limits the growth of the bacteria that cause skin impurities.  So you’re treating your skin gently from the inside out, rather than using harsh ingredients direct on to sensitive skin.

Within a week of taking help: clear skin supplements, Elaine started to notice an improvement in her skin, saying: “My face seems to be looking better; I have a few blemishes but not the redness I normally get. There are definitely no spots with heads, just a few lumps under the skin, and my back spots are also improving.”

By week 3, Elaine wrote in her Skin Diary: “I actually braved going out without foundation on today, woo hoo!! The odd spot is starting again but no heads. Big improvement.” By week 4, Elaine had a day out at the races andwas overjoyed when she reported: “Strapless, low back dress and NO concealer needed for the spots on my back!”

Elaine is delighted with the results in her skin after taking help: clear skin supplements. “My skin has much improved over the last 6 weeks and has responded to things [skin aggressors] much less – or not at all – compared to what it would have done previously,” enthuses Elaine. “Overall I’m really pleased with the effects help: clear skin has had on my skin; it looks much smoother and healthier than it has in the past. Spots that are occurring are much smaller, less red and only last a day or so rather than big red spots that last a week or so.”

Congratulations to Elaine for winning the help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge and receiving the grand prize of a year supply of help: clear skin supplements. Thank you to all the participants who took part in the challenge. If you suffer from problem skin and would like to learn more about help: clear skin, visit our website at

3 thoughts on “help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge – the results”

  1. mania says:

    I’m 42 and have a similar problem the last 5 years. i’m thinking of starting the help: clear skin.
    The answer I can’t found is about what happens after the 6 week treatment. Would I have to carry on? Are there any breakthrough stories after stooping the treatment?

    many thanks,

    1. admin says:

      Hi M,

      Yes, you would have to carry on using help: clear skin to continue to see the benefits. This is because help: clear skin works by inhibiting the development of the bacteria that cause blemishes and reduces the inflammation associated with existing blemishes, it is not cure (we wish it was). We have found through our case study participants that some were able to reduce the dose after 6 to 8 weeks of using help: clear skin although it was a bit trial and error and everyone reacted differently. Some were able to take only 3 sachets a week to continue getting great results where as others could not reduce the dose at all. We suggest if you want to try reducing the dose you start by only a couple of sachets a week until you see you can no longer see improvements then increase the dose slightly.

      One of our case study participants gave up taking help: clear skin altogether and saw her acne flair up, it was as bad as before she started taking help: clear skin.

      I hope that helps.
      Best wishes,

  2. mania says:

    thank you.

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