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Helen Flanagan’s 7 year acne struggle

January 23, 2014 by Works with Water
Acne Free Skin

Helen Flannigan spoke out this week about her fight against acne – writing openly online about her 7-year acne struggle.

‘I know acne can be miserable and can really affect your confidence I’ve had it on and off for 7 years,’ she wrote on Instagram.

It seems like Helen’s breaking the ‘I’m so perfect’ celebrity silence that we’re used to. She’s got spots – and she’s struggled with them for years.

Acne is annoying and inhibiting for your confidence. Sharing her experience with fans will hopefully get fellow acne-sufferers on the path to better skin, and most importantly, greater confidence.

Taking 1 sachet a day of help: clear skin could be just what you need for a blemish free complexion. It’s active ingredient, Lactoferrin, has three essential properties to help you achieve great skin:

1. Anti-microbial – enhances the body’s natural defenses against bacteria.
2. Anti-inflammatory – helps assist reduction in redness associated with a poor complexion.
3. Antioxidant – helps aid the repair of damaged skin cells from blemishes.

Increasing the amount of Lactoferrin in your diet targets the cause of acne from within, without any side effects.


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