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Harry Potter beauty Emma Watson proves that even stars suffer from spots

April 5, 2011 by Works with Water

Anyone who suffers from spots or acne knows how much it can affect a person’s confidence – so spare a thought for Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, who has suffered from an outbreak of spots recently… and had the photos of her bad skin shown all over the news.

To make matters worse, her skin breakout comes just days before she is due to take over Julia Roberts as the face of Lancome.

Emma Watson is just 20 years old, so it’s only natural that she is going to suffer from spots every now and then. In a piece in the Daily Mail, Emma revealed that she had also suffered from spots during her early years filming Harry Potter, and had been left in agony after a dermatologist recommended she use a harsh treatment that burnt the skin on her face.

It is important to remember if you suffer from spots or acne that your skin can be very sensitive, so you need to make sure that whatever treatment that you are using on your spots is also gentle on your skin.

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