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Grooming for Grooms: Male Skincare Tips Before A Wedding

June 8, 2015 by Works with Water

In the build-up to a wedding, all of the focus is usually on making sure the bride and her bridal party look their best. With hair plans, make-up plans and of course dress issues to contend with, there are all kinds of considerations to make sure a bride looks and feels her best.

But what about the groom and his groomsmen, right?

Let’s get real here, never has it been more acceptable for guys to care about their skin. With new ranges of products that aren’t branded or perfumed in an overtly feminine way, advances in natural formulas with scientific backing and a whole host of companies investing in advertising solely at men, very few people seem to bat an eyelid when they see a men browsing skincare brands or investing time and effort into his appearance.

So, if you’ve got a big wedding coming up this year, whether it’s your own, you’re giving a best man’s speech or you’re just attending a big family ceremony, and you’ve got a few skin hang-ups then we’ve got some top grooming wedding tips with a difference – they’re solely for the men. And that’s totally fine.

Keep acne and blemishes at bay

If you’re prone to getting anything from the occasional blemish through to full-blown acne, you’ll want to make sure that you have a great skincare routine in place ahead of your big day.

As we wrote in our wedding day skin post last week, many skincare experts warn brides and grooms that they shouldn’t be trialling new products, testing new creams or getting harsh treatments right before their big day. Instead you should research and invest in a way to treat your skincare problems well in advance.

Our help: clear skin MEN product is created specially to fight acne, and the bacteria that causes it, from the inside out and the treatment can take a month to really show great effects. Therefore, we recommend you act now and start thinking about ways to improve your skin, so you don’t get a caught red-faced – quite literally.

Even if you don’t usually get acne or blemishes, many men report an increase in skin problems around the time of their wedding due to stress, late nights and experimenting with new products. So, it’s best to take precautions and ensure you’re not surprised with a huge zit on the morning of the big day.

Get a lot of sleep – and don’t stress

Behind a bad diet, one of the main reasons experts believe men develop skin problems is because of stress. Although it’s traditionally the bride’s job to worry about the minutiae of wedding planning, it can be even more stressful for the groom, for the best man and for anyone else involved in ensuring the big day is special and runs exactly to plan.

One of the best ways to combat stress is to ensure you’re getting enough sleep. Leave ironing out all of the wedding planning details for mornings and lunchtimes and reserve the evenings for relaxing, winding down and preparing your senses for sleep.

You’ll have probably heard it so many times, but this means no TV or bright phone or laptop screens for at least an hour before you go to bed. It sounds like we’re preaching, but it makes such a huge difference. You’ll thank us when you’re calm and fresh-faced on your big day.

Try a professional shave

If there was ever an excuse to go to the barbers for a professional shave then your wedding day, or the wedding of someone close to you, is it.

Not only does it feel like a pampering session that’s guaranteed to calm your nerves and make you feel great – it’s the male equivalent of going to a spa after all, right? But it’s also a lot better for your skin than reaching for a cheap, plastic razor at home.

A professional shave will leave you with smoother skin and is also less likely to cause irritation, or any of the little bumps that many people tend to find after they’ve just shaved. However, even though a professional shave is a great decision, don’t get it done on the morning of the wedding – this isn’t a time to take risks!

So they’re our top three male skincare tips to consider before a wedding, whether you’re a guest or a groom and want to make sure your skin is just as perfect as the day itself!

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