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Goals, Games and Grease: Why going to watch your team play can be bad for your skin!

April 10, 2015 by Works with Water

It’s Saturday! You jump out of bed, grab your wallet and keys, and wearing your team’s away shirt you head off on the usual two hour journey to watch your team play.

It should be a great day (especially if they win!) but before you go, have you ever wondered how the day could be impacting your skin and overall health?

Alcohol, greasy food, stress – you’d be surprised how many skin-affecting forces are at work when you next go see a match…

The Pre-Match Meet Up

It’s midday and you have arrived near the grounds, ready to meet with friends at a local pub for some swift brews. Alcohol is great for de-stressing and socialising and who doesn’t enjoy a pint every now and then? Some studies actually say it’s healthy to drink a small amount of alcohol every day, but it is also a toxin.

Excess drinking can cause damage to your liver which may affect your skin as well. If your body isn’t doing too well on the inside, the outside will show this with grey and exhausted skin. Alcohol also has a dehydrating effect with negative consequences on your body in general, including slowed skin cell regeneration.

A simple solution is to space out alcohol with a glass of water in between each drink so your skin won’t be so vulnerable. Hydration is key to many skin-related issues, which is why we have our easy-to-use help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN which can be added to one of those glasses of water to give your skin a boost.

Lunch On The Go

It’s time to head to the stadium. There is no time for a proper sit down meal and it can be expensive so grabbing a burger or kebab with chips makes sense. These foods are high in carbohydrates, saturated fats, and introduce excess oils into the body which cause outbreaks of spots.

While foods like this may be just what you want before, during or after a game, a regular intake of them without healthier options in your normal weekly diet will antagonise your skin.

Having your five-a-day and maintaining the right vitamin levels is important. Eating high-protein foods such as almonds also give your body a fighting chance against acne and spots.

The Poor Refereeing

Was it a penalty? He wasn’t offside! Have you ever seen your team play so badly? Football matches have the potential to drive high emotions in us, especially towards the end of the season.

Stress causes acne and spot breakouts because it increases sebum, which can clog hair follicles and form pimples when mixed with dead cells and bacteria.

Stress also restricts the body’s production of new collagen, without which your skin weakens and thins.

The Long Journey Home

The match has finished and it’s time for the journey home sitting on the train for hours. It’s been a long day and you are tired. It’s too late to cook dinner, so you grab a curry takeaway and maybe one last beer as it’s Saturday night.

You could repeat what you’ve been doing all day, or you could make it so your football diet stays at the pitch and doesn’t follow you home. To do this you could plan your dinner in advance, something easy to prepare, and have it ready to cook when you get back, topping it off with some water or fruit juice instead of another can of beer.

Make sure you get a decent sleep and you’ll look and feel fit as a fiddle in the morning.

A Better Result, Even If They Lose

Following your team every Saturday takes a lot of commitment over the years as you go through the highs of cup wins and promotions to the lows of relegations and big losses in local derbies, but the commitment to better looking skin doesn’t have to be so hard. Adding a daily dose of help: clear skin MEN to your routine is all you need to give yourself healthier looking skin. Well, that and just holding off having that extra portion of chips in favour of something a little bit healthier next time your team’s playing.

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