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Get Rid of Chin Spots With Hygiene & Skin Supplements

January 23, 2015 by Works with Water
adult acne

Different people are likely to experience acne in different places. Some are prone to lots of pimples on their cheeks, some tend to experience painful acne on their back, but on the whole the most problematic area is the pesky T-zone – especially the chin.

The areas of the skin within the T-zone tend to be hotspots for acne because they produce more oil. More oil means there’s more chance that dirt and grime from the day will mix with the oil, leading to clogged up pores and an increased risk of spots and acne.

But the chin area has another enemy too – us! Many people find that spots near their chin are caused by the fact they lean on their hands a lot throughout the day, at work, during meetings, on their commute. Just notice how many times during the day you lean on them… All the time? Not at all? We bet it’s more times than you were expecting!

Of course there are many other reasons you might be more inclined to find your chin filled with pimples rather than your forehead (we’ll be exploring this topic in more depth later on in the month). But today we’re bringing you our top ways to get rid of spots on your chin, including treatments that you can apply, supplements you can take and habits you can smash to stop oil building up and ensure your chin is acne-free.

1. Stop touching your face

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But in actual fact many of us touch our faces hundreds of times a day. Maybe we’re so used to picking spots? Maybe we lean on our hands? Or maybe you’ve got into a habit of touching your face because your skin has been bad in the past and you’re a bit self conscious? Whatever the reason: stop it! Right now.

Sometimes habits can be really challenging to break, but the first step is awareness. Don’t try and change anything you do today, just notice it. Being mindful immediately flags up the things we need to change and improve in our lives. And if you find you pick your face or lean on your hands you can catch yourself and do something else instead. Persistence is key. You’re not likely to change habitual tendencies over night, but give yourself some space and some time and imagine how much clearer your skin could be if you left it alone a little more.

2. Change the products you’re using

If you’re prone to getting spots on your chin, chances are your face gets very oily throughout the day. To try and cut down on the amount of serum your skin is producing, there are many different things you could try, like improving your diet and exercising more.

But many people we speak to try switching out the current products they use on their face to those that are more oil-free. These products tend to be thinner than other skincare products and often feel a little more watery rather than creamy.

If you’d rather make a difference from the inside out rather than purchase a range of expensive, new skincare products, then we recommend our help: clear skin soluble supplement drink. You can add this skin supplements to your favourite drink or soft food such as yogurt or smoothie – and taken daily it can clear your skin up within just a few weeks. Visit our case studies to see the results for yourself.

3. Wash your face after eating and applying make-up

You wouldn’t think that eating would cause spots, but you only have to get a few particles of food on your chin to irritate your skin and potentially clog up your pores. The same goes for wearing foundation and even lipstick. Leaving any kind of food and make-up build-up around your mouth could lead to spots, especially if you leave them on your face all night. So always make sure you wash your face at the beginning and end of the day, and wash it again if you’re playing around with make-up or eating food on a night time.

4. Use a moisturiser with a high SPF

Your chin sticks out a little further on your face then your forehead or cheeks, which means it needs extra protection when you go out in the sun. We recommend finding a great moisturiser, primer or foundation that has a high SPF built-in, so you don’t have to worry about adding an extra step into your routine. If the area gets burned it’s likely to go pink and produce more oil later down the line. Even in the UK it makes sense to wear an SPF all year round, we promise!

5. Make sure your scarves, clothes and bedding are clean

Out of all the places on your face, your chin is the most likely to come into contact with your clothes, scarves and bedding. This means that you need to make sure everything is kept clean so that no bacteria is transferred to your chin. In the winter time we recommend using a few different scarves so you’re not relying on one to keep you warm all of the time. Bedding should be washed every few weeks too, to ensure you’re not snuggling up to any hidden dirt or grime each night.

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