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Georgina’s Elmwood work experience diary week3

August 24, 2011 by Works with Water

My third week at Elmwood
So as expected, the penultimate week at Elmwood brought just as much excitement, enjoyment and yet more exciting learning experiences as in the previous weeks.

My tasks this week saw me branch out of the studio in some instances, where for one task for example I had to purchase a variety of existing men’s products from various brands on the market. After carrying heavy bags jam-packed with the products back to the studio, my next role was to photograph each product. Again I took a variety of shots from the front, back and any interesting features that stood out from each brand. From learning last week how the correct lighting is so important when photographing products, I felt I was far more confident in doing this and therefore a lot more efficient in this particular task in comparison to last week.

From taking photos of all the products I purchased, my next task was to then edit them all in Photoshop, so that they were ready to use for artwork / presentation purposes for the designers. I felt very comfortable doing this as the quality of the images were already very high, so very little had to be done to them.

This week I also worked with a few different people in the studio in carrying out some work that they needed doing urgently. One afternoon I was given three tasks that had to be completed by the end of the day for a presentation the next morning. The tasks included making advertisements and then applying them to existing photographs as well as making other promotional signage and applying it to photos showing the promotion in use. This assignment had to be completed fast and efficiently, which I successfully managed to achieve to the standard required and was gratefully thanked for at the end of the day which is always rewarding.

This week the biggest thing I took away from working at Elmwood was to have more confidence in myself! When I was sent out on tasks to get certain things for the designers, in some instances the specific product wasn’t available so I had to make an executive decision and choose what I thought was best for the job it was intended for. At first, I was very apprehensive about returning with something different to what I was asked to get, but in the end I chose what I thought would be suitable and it turned out that in the end it was. Phew! So all in all, I’ve learnt that I have to be more confident and not be afraid to compromise when I have to.

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