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Georgina’s Elmwood Work Experience Diary Week Two

August 17, 2011 by Works with Water


As we reported last week, Georgina, our help: your confidence competition winner has started her 4 week work placement at Elmwood Brand Design Consultancy, here is her week two diary.

My second week at Elmwood
Despite everything on the news reporting what was happening in London from the beginning of the week, business thankfully resumed as normal at the Elmwood studio.

My week began continuing working on the men’s product that I had previously been introduced to in my first week. This week however, was spent focusing on finding the perfect ‘type variant’ for each of the products in the range. This basically meant that I had to design a typeface that would reflect the image and style of each particular product in the range, to be displayed on the packaging itself next to the brand name. This was definitely something I felt more at home with from working a lot with letterforms and making my own fonts throughout University. It wasn’t all that easy though, as some of the names of the products proved to be slightly trickier to create a font that I thought worked well, as well as looked aesthetically good. I began by doing some research into the names of each product and sketching out ideas that I associated with that word as well as different forms and styles. After my initial rough sketches, I then began to implement some of my ideas on screen. This was a slightly more laborious task as each letter has to be hand drawn – but it is something that doesn’t tire me at all and I actually enjoy a lot.

In between working on the type variants I had to complete a number of jobs for the other designers in the studio to help them out, from cutting out a large number of postcards for an imminent presentation that afternoon to photographing products. As in my first week, I also attended the regular meetings where we watched presentations from professionals to open our minds and improve the way we work.

What did I learn this week?
On reflection, I feel the biggest lesson I learnt this week came from one of the smaller tasks of photographing products. Despite having used a professional camera before at home and in my work, I learnt how vital the correct lighting is in relation to the quality of the image that is produced. When photographing the product I experimented with positioning the product in different areas to see where the shadow falls as well as moving to different areas around the studio with the camera and tripod to see how the light would change the image output. The results were very different from each area so I was thankful that I took hundreds of images in different lights in hope that even one would be suitable and the rest could just be deleted.

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