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Georgina’s Elmwood work experience diary final week

September 1, 2011 by Works with Water

My final week at Elmwood

Where have the past 4 weeks gone? It only seemed like yesterday that I was beginning my internship at Elmwood and now it has sadly come to an end. But what an amazing experience it has been.

During my last week I worked on a variety of different tasks as I had in previous weeks, but the tasks that I had been working on such as the men’s product ‘type variants’ started to become more final in the design stages. From getting feedback from the designers in the studio and developing the type variants even more, they finally begun to come together and at a stage where they could be potentially used in a client presentation.

I spent some time with another designer in the studio in helping to cut some packaging prototypes out that were to be sent to the client for proofing. This wasn’t just cutting out some nets with scissors as you can imagine, this was cutting intricate lines and the smallest of details of the packaging out trying to be as accurate as possible using the sharpest of scalpels. When I first started the task I was slightly nervous because I knew how important it was to cut the packing out as accurately as possible whilst keeping it neat and tidy because this is what the client would be presented with. The first few times I could feel my hands shaking which really wasn’t helping, but I soon got the hang of it and I did the best job that I possibly could have. When talking to the designer about this particular job, she explained how important it is to send the client prototypes like these so that they can see a more accurate representation of the colours as it always appears different on screen as well as a clear idea of how the new packaging would work, which was interesting to understand.

One of the most enjoyable tasks of my final week and potentially of the 4 weeks at Elmwood was getting to make a sock alphabet! Yes, that’s right – a font that is made entirely out of socks. I started by going out to purchase some socks and then came back to photograph them in the various letter forms. This was all for a good reason of course. It just so happens that part of the studio was named ‘the sock factory’ and the task was to design an identity for it. After editing all the pictures I took and putting them altogether, the outcome was actually really fun and definitely something to talk about in my portfolio.

On my last day at Elmwood, it winded down with a wonderful lunch that was kindly provided by the company where everyone came together and we enjoyed the feast. It was the perfect ending to one of the most enjoyable experiences in working environment that I have ever had and a perfect introduction into the industry. The past 4 weeks have taught me so much in such a small amount of time thanks to all of the kindness from everyone at Elmwood in making me feel so comfortable and being supportive in everything I did which I am incredibly grateful for. I leave Elmwood with a lot more confidence and ready to start my career in the design industry and also a little piece of me in the cafe area as you can see in the pictures with some of my work on the wall!

All in all I have had an amazing experience and would like to thank everyone who made it so enjoyable, especially Jules for giving me this amazing opportunity and everything that has come from choosing my winning design in the competition.

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