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From Childhood Acne to Beauty Contest

January 13, 2012 by Works with Water
Childhood Acne

We were delighted to read about Harriet Page in the Daily Star and how her determination to overcome her severe childhood acne has enabled her to enter the Miss Hampshire 2012 beauty competition.

Harriet’s story resonates with so many of our help: clear skin customers and case study subjects as they have also battled for a number of years to find a natural solution to their severe skin problems.

Having problem skin shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving anything in life…but neither should you allow it to hold you back if you know there is a solution which works for you.

Harriet found her solution and we wish her the very best in the beauty contest.  Whether you are male or female,  if you suffer from problem skin, then perhaps help: clear skin can be your natural solution to a clearer complexion.

To read Harriet’s story, please follow this link to the Daily Star.

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