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Fried Chicken Day: Is fried food really bad for your skin?

July 6, 2015 by Works with Water
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Today in the US it’s Fried Chicken Day – yes it’s really a thing! Here at Works With Water we’re fascinated by how our lifestyle choices affect our health – particularly the condition of our skin.

So we felt that today would be the best time to ask an important question: Is fried food really bad for your skin?

Well, there’s been a lot of speculation about whether what we eat can actually have a direct impact on how our skin looks, how it feels and how it repairs itself. And fried foods get a really bad rep in relation to skincare! The thing is, there’s been no conclusive research into whether there’s a direct link between our skin and fried foods – although there’s been a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests otherwise.

Food is fried by being exposed to hot oil. The moisture inside the food boils, pushes moisture outside of the food and that’s where it interacts with the oil to create a crispy coating.

Nutritionist Dr. Frank Lipman believes that one of the reasons that acne becomes so severe and we notice problems with our skin is due to inflammation – and when fatty foods clog arteries they can cause much more inflammation than usual.

Pioneer Thinking suggests the issues are more to do with the kinds of fats that our foods are fried in. Foods cooked in trans-fats encourage your body to create different kinds of sebum, which dries quicker and is more likely to get stuck inside your pores and cause acne.

In fact there have been a lot of studies into the fact different kinds of fried foods may not be as bad for us as we imagined. Research undertaken at The University of Madrid found that what has more of an impact on whether our fried foods negatively impact our skin is actually the types of oils that they’re cooked in. The research showed that foods cooked in sunflower or olive oils were not linked to increased risks of heart problems or premature death.

So what’s the answer? Well, some fried foods cooked in olive oils aren’t likely to negatively affect your health or skin occasionally, but you should eat everything in moderation and include more vegetables, fruits and good fats into your diet instead.

Here at Works With Water, we create products that help to supplement people’s diets to give them acne-free, younger-looking skin. For the best possible results we recommend you eat a well-balanced diet filled with whole foods, vegetables, fruit and lean proteins. However, our help: clear skin and help: beautify skin can be used by anyone. They both contain 100 percent natural ingredients to allow you to overcome your skin problems easily, whether you’re tackling acne or want your skin to appear younger.

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