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Fresher’s Week: Works with Water’s top tips for acne-free skin

September 8, 2015 by Works with Water
freshers week stress

Your first week at university will always be a memorable one. New people to meet, new places to explore and new courses to get your head around. An exciting, but also extremely stressful, week for everyone.

At Works With Water, we know first-hand that Fresher’s Week can be full of ups and downs with parties and perhaps a bit of loneliness as it may well be your first time away from home. The last thing you want to be worrying about is how you look, your confidence and your skin. So today we’re sharing our top tips for an acne-free Fresher’s Week so you’ll be relaxed, fresh-faced and ready for the year ahead.

Eat well and stay hydrated

Fresher’s Flu isn’t just a myth. When lots of different people from all over the country (and the globe) come together in one place with stress, partying and emotions running high a few are likely to catch a cold or develop a tummy bug. And it can have a big affect on how your skin looks and feels. You’ll be more prone to acne, likely to experience a lot of oily breakouts and if you’ve had a lot of late nights your complexion will suffer looking grey and tired.

To avoid getting ill, eat well and stay hydrated.  Ensure you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals to give yourself a chance of boosting your immune system and getting through Fresher’s Week with your skin and health in good shape. We recommend trying our acne diet for beginners, which incorporates lots of vegetables, some fruit and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Water also plays a huge part in an acne-free diet and ensures your body feels well, alert and hydrated. For an acne-fighting boost while also drinking water we recommend you give our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN natural skin supplements a try. All you have to do is mix a sachet daily with water and our natural PravENAC  formula will fight the growth of acne-causing bacteria from the inside out and give you a boost of goodness to keep your skin looking spot-free.

Streamline your skincare routine

A new routine and new surroundings may mean you forget all of the habits that usually make you feel good and keep your skin on top form. When it comes to your skin, remember the important parts of your skincare routine and stick to them – even if that means taking off your make-up when you’re really tired or opting for a green juice over a bacon butty.

Because our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN supplements can be mixed up with water on-the-go, we recommend incorporating them into your routine during Fresher’s Week. So even if you forget topical treatments, like creams and gels, you’re doing your skin a huge favour – and it takes zero effort to add our natural skincare supplements to your morning smoothie or the bottle of water you’ll be carrying around with you all day!

And finally, relax and have fun! 

We know how it feels during Fresher’s Week. You’re in a new place, surrounded by new people, exposed to all kinds of new things. It’s normal to get a bit stressed, lonely and exhausted at this time of year. The key is to relax. Everyone’s in the same boat – even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can have a huge impact on the way you look, as well as the way you feel. Experts have been studying the link between psychological stress and acne for years and the  findings highlight that an increase in stress leads  to an increase in sebum production (the oil that mixes with bacteria to cause spots) and an increase in acne.

So one of the best things you can do for your emotional and physical wellbeing is to relax and put yourself first. If you fancy partying for four days in a row – go for it! If you’d rather spend your first week socialising with your new course mates and checking out the library – go for it! Remember you don’t have to feel pressured into staying out, staying in or covering up feelings of loneliness and anxiety with anything else.

Accept it’s going to be an emotional week, relax and enjoy it!

Have you already been through Fresher’s Week? What are your top tips for coping with the partying, the new people and the new environment? Let us know in the comments below.

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