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Formula One: Pistons and Pimples – have you got the right formula for looking good?

March 27, 2015 by Works with Water

F1 drivers have got it pretty easy, right? They get to sit down all day and drive fast cars – it’s any man’s dream job. But the reality is not as cushty as you might think.

With drivers burning an incredible 1,400 calories and losing around 3kg of body weight in sweat per race, they have to stay at the peak of their physical fitness and can never break their daily exercise and healthy diet routine.

Now that the Formula One season has started, here is some great advice for looking good and making sure your skin is in great condition.

Shine like Schumacher

Every day you breathe in approximately 3,400 gallons of air, of which a large amount contains toxins from pollution. This means that you’re walking through hundreds of gallons of pollution each day that rob your skin cells of oxygen and if you are in a car, then you’re much closer to these pollutants.

Fortunately, you can prevent your skin absorbing these by making sure you wash both yourself (particularly your face) and your clothes regularly, as well as having a clean living area free of dust that could be carrying particles of dirt.

Hydrate like Hamilton

Staying hydrated is critical for racing drivers. Not only do they have to deal with the heat coming from the cockpit but also from the climate during hotter parts of the season.

Even if a driver is not feeling thirsty before a race they have to drink huge amounts of water to fight off dehydration and stay energised. Drinking plenty of water has many other benefits, given that 70% of our bodies are made up of the stuff, and it’s recommended you have several large glasses a day to stay healthy.

While water helps to moisturise your skin, adding a daily serving of help: clear skin MEN to one of your several glasses will provide an added boost to make skin look and feel healthier, giving your body a proper oil change.

Buff up like Button

“It’s all about building strength endurance in the shoulders, neck, legs and core” ~ Clayton Green, Manager of the Human Performance Programme at McLaren

Formula One drivers need to have a high level of endurance, stamina and core strength in order to operate their 700kg rigs at high speeds for 2 hours – while facing cornering forces of 5g!

To last the full race distance, drivers have to maintain a rigorous exercise programme along with careful regulation of carbohydrate and protein intake. Typical endurance and strength workouts include squats, bench presses, pull ups, push ups and deadlifts as well as cardio training such as running, cycling or rowing.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet helps put your body into top gear. It increases blood flow, nourishes skin cells and detoxifies, combating acne from the inside-out.

Have you got the right Formula for your skin?

Here at Works With Water, we don’t drive racing cars but we have built a winning formula for looking after your skin. help: clear skin
and help: clear skin MEN have been tried and tested as part of a daily skin care routine. Why not visit our shop now and take blemish free skin for a test drive!

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