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Discover the secret ingredient that makes food good for skin

October 13, 2014 by Works with Water

You’re probably wondering how anyone could bake food so delicious and mouth-watering that is still good for your skin, right?

Well, keep it quiet, but there’s a super-secret ingredient that we’ve added into the mix called help: clear skin, that can make any drink or food good for skin in seconds.

help: clear skin is a supplement specially designed to fight acne from the inside out, which you can add right into your cake mix, brownie bake or ice cream shake. That’s right – even the yummiest foods can be good for your skin.

Better yet, it’s gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone who is lactose intolerant. We want everyone to have their cake and eat it!

Baking tart good for skin

How does it make food good for skin?

The secret ingredient, help: clear skin, is a bacteria-fighting supplement, which can be added to water, juices, yogurts, cereals and even baking mixtures – like the one above!

Once it’s added to your favourite food or drink, it dissolves and infuses your cake, juice or morning cereal with its acne-beating properties. The result? Healthier, better-looking skin in four to six weeks.

To supercharge your acne-beating diet and eat more foods that are good for healthy skin, here’s our tips on the best and worst foods to combat acne.


How does help: clear skin fight acne?

help: clear skin is a supplement that contains a mixture of specially formulated, natural ingredients to keep the bacteria that leads to blemishes, irritated skin and acne at bay. It makes any drink or food good for skin, just by mixing it in.

Acne is usually caused when oil and dead skin cells clog up pores. This then allows bacteria to thrive and acne and blemishes to form over time. There’s no surefire way to cure acne, but natural ingredients that fight bacteria can be used to stop spots from forming in the first place.

help: clear skin contains a special protein called Lactoferrin, which stops bacteria in its tracks, meaning you’re less likely to develop blemishes in the first place.

Each serving of help: clear skin also contains aloe vera and zinc gluconate, two clever ingredients that also stop bacteria spreading. They gently nourish the delicate skin tissues and work as an anti-inflammatory. Not only will help: clear skin stop future breakouts, it’ll stop your current acne from looking red and help to reduce any scarring you already have on your face. All you do is mix it in to the food or drink that you already enjoy.

Crumble good for skin

What food or drink can help: clear skin be added to?

The great thing is, help: clear skin is just as effective at banishing blemishes once it’s dissolved in water. You can add help: clear skin to your morning juice, breakfast or even baking experiments to provide you with acne-fighting super powers whatever you happen to be eating or drinking.

Cake good for skin

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