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Five CoEnzyme Q10 Benefits

November 26, 2013 by Works with Water
coenzyme q10 benefits | Improve Your Skin

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is widely known for its skincare benefits in topical creams but not many are familiar with oral supplements such as our tasty apple flavoured help: revitalise my skin gel sticks. Taken orally CoEnzyme Q10 can be more beneficial to the rejuvenation of skin cells than topical lotions alone.

What Is CoEnzyme Q10?

CoEnzyme Q10 benefits include it’s status as an antioxidant, which is a type of compound that protects the cells in your body from damage.

The level of CoEnzyme Q10 within the skin rises from childhood to adulthood, peaks at 20 to 30 years of age and then gradually diminishes with age.

Within the skin, CoEnzyme Q10 is localized primarily to the most superficial layer of your skin and functions to protect the deeper layers of your skin from damage caused by harmful free radicals, one of the major causes of ageing.

The lack of CoEnzyme Q10 results in the skin’s inability to produce collagen, which gives skin firmness, and elasticity which results in sagging and wrinkles.

Oral vs Topical – the scientific research!

According to Italian researchers, the simultaneous utilization of oral CoEnzyme Q10 supplements and topical preparations may produce higher levels of CoEnzyme Q10 within the skin than just the use of topical preparations.

The study, published in 2003 in “Biofactors,” demonstrated that the simultaneous administration of oral supplements containing CoEnzyme Q10, vitamin E and selenium along with a topical CoEnzyme Q10 preparation effectively increases the levels of CoEnzyme Q10 in the stratum corneum.

Application of the topical preparation alone raised the level of CoEnzyme Q10 in the sebum only, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin. This study suggests that oral CoEnzyme Q10 supplements may be more effective at increasing the level of CoEnzyme Q10 in the skin itself than topical preparations.

Here’s the skincare benefits of CoEnzyme Q10…

  1. It energizes your skin. Young skin has ample amounts of CoQ10 and so has lots of energy – energy needed to repair damage and make sure the skin cells are healthy.
  2. It protects against photo-ageing – that means premature aging due to over exposing the skin to the sun. The sun is the fastest skin ager. If you don’t believe me, just compare the skin on your behind (that is hardly ever exposed to the sun) to the skin on your face. Enough said!
  3. It rejuvenates skin by stimulating skin cell activity. Active skin cells get rid of toxins easily and can make better use of nutrients. When your skin ages, all these processes slow down, causing dull and sallow, wrinkled skin. Boost your skin cell activity for younger looking skin with CoQ10.
  4. It stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the protein that decreases as we age, leading to wrinkles and leathery skin.  Helping you make more collagen, CoQ10 is a skin saving essential.
  5. It is a potent anti-oxidant that acts against oxidative damage. This damage is done by, for example: UV rays of the sun, pollution, toxins, stress. And this damage all leads to one thing: premature aging that shows up on the skin. Anti-oxidants like CoQ10 are the answer and have a critical role to play in both the body and the skin.

There you go! CoEnzyme Q10, is a life saver; without it our cells would not function properly and we would get old a lot quicker. Make sure you supplement your skin with help: revitalise my skin (contains the recommended daily dose of 60mg CoQ10) so you can look and feel younger for longer.

2 thoughts on “Five CoEnzyme Q10 Benefits”

  1. Mary says:

    Does it make hot skin feel cooler? That would be so
    great because I cannot sleep and I cannot cool my body off no matter what I do.

    1. fereshteh19992 says:

      i think its a hormonal case you should do some hormonal tests to see their levels
      the best option is consulting with your doctor

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