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Fantastic time-saving beauty tips

December 12, 2012 by Works with Water
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It’s hectic at this time of year as we’re focused on shopping for the perfect gifts for our nearest and dearest whilst trying to fit in trimming the tree, making to-do lists so we can at least feel like we’re domestic goddesses, fitting in hair and beauty appointments and trying to find a knock-out dress (or dress-es, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to more than one party!!).  

However, just because we’ve a myriad of things to think about – as well as working 9-5 – we can’t afford to look like we’ve just fallen out of bed, can we?

So, courtesy of webmd, here are some top tips to help reduce your morning beauty routine down to just a few minutes. We like the ’tissue under the arm’ tip, particularly at this time of year when black is the fail-safe wardrobe choice…and multi-tasking with the blow dryer!

Have you any great time-saving beauty tips you can share with all us??

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