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Are all Facial Skin Care Products Necessary?

March 19, 2018 by Samantha Smith
facial skin care products

Take a look in your bathroom cabinet. How many facial skin care products do you see? It is easy to get caught up in media hype about ‘must-have’ products for their anti-ageing, skin toning, cleansing abilities. But are we using ‘too’ many? Could this cause an adverse effect rather than a positive one?

Facial skin care products that are not so necessary

Creams marketed for anti-ageing properties can be thick and rich in consistency which could clog pores causing irritation and breakouts. Ingredients used may also cause skin irritation, so even though it’s expensive, it does not mean it is any better for skin than a good, all-over body lotion.

On the same note, creams marketed for different areas of the body are not absolutely necessary either as a good all-over body lotion can work for any area of skin.

It isn’t actually necessary to regularly use face masks. They are in fact generally to be used after a facial procedure to soothe the skin. Similarly, serums also help soothe skin after a facial procedure especially if your skin is easily irritated, but regular use of serums are not necessary either.

Cleansing is a necessary part of a facial skin care routine as skin accumulates dirt build-up throughout the day, so cleansing helps unblock pores helping to minimise breakouts. But it seems Toners are also unnecessary. According to dermatologist Leslie Baumann. “Toners were invented because cleansers used to leave a soapy film on your skin that had to be removed. Today’s cleansers don’t do that.”

So what ‘is’ a great way to look after skin?

Taking care of our skin is important in order to keep it healthy. The healthier it is, naturally the more youthful and radiant it will look. Of course it is a good idea to take care of one’s skin, but it shouldn’t cost the earth nor should it make your bathroom cabinet resemble a supermarket shelf all of your own. More doesn’t mean better in this case and sometimes the less you do with your face, the better.

When it comes to breakouts, the help: clear skin range is an inexpensive way to support skin’s health without having to even touch your face – no cleansing, toning or moisturising needed and its only drunk once a day. Touching your face can cause dirt build-up, blocked pores, irritation and breakouts, help: clear skin avoids all this by working to help your skin from within.

Acne is caused by bacteria attacking the sebum contained in your pores causing inflammation – you can fight the P.acnes bacteria by taking one sachet of help: clear skin a day with your favourite beverage or soft food. It really is that simple!

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