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#FaceYourFearsWeek: How to overcome your acne

October 15, 2015 by Works with Water

It’s #FaceYourFearsWeek here in the UK. A whole seven days dedicated to facing your fears head on. The campaign was created by Changing Faces, an organisation that supports and represents those who have conditions or injuries which affect their appearance.

Every week we speak to people who are concerned about their skin issues, particularly acne. They feel anxious for many reasons, because they’re embarrassed by what they perceive people think of them, because they’re fearful of external judgement from family or friends and generally worried that they’re not perfect or “good enough”.

It’s a difficult topic to discuss and share. We all have beliefs, fears and worries and even the smallest of setbacks can ignite them.  And the ‘facing’ the world when you have skin problems can be challenging.

To hopefully help some of our readers this week, we’ve complied some suggestions for overcoming acne and appearance fears. Remember: everyone is different so we’d love to hear if you’ve got any tips for letting go of fears that have helped you – please meet us in the comments below and we’ll get chatting.

Embrace your imperfections

​”Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

When you’re faced with a deep-set fear or belief that you (especially the way you look) aren’t good enough, then it can be really hard to accept.

Many psychologists believe we can start to accept who we are and embrace our imperfections a little more is by starting a daily gratitude practice. Whilst this might seem a little earnest it just means listing the things in life for which you are grateful.  Once you start you’ll be surprised just how many good things there are in your life to be grateful and thankful for. You can start off small, like “I’m glad I’ve got great friends” or “I’m happy with my career .” This kind of listing can start out small, but after a few days or weeks it often has a proven benefit to lift your mood and stop you being so hard on yourself.

Click this link if you’d like to learn more about developing gratitude practice, we love this quote from the article, even if it’s something we still all aspire to!

“Gratitude is something that can be learned, practiced and developed, yielding a sense of well-being, optimism and happiness.”

Take steps to clear your skin naturally

Ok, it’s great if you can accept and embrace your imperfections and learning how to be more grateful for the good things in life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t explore new ways to make your skin feel better and healthier so that you feel good about yourself.

help: clear skin & help: clear skin MEN packshelp: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN supplements are developed specifically for those suffering from acne and fits easily into your daily skincare regime as they are formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients and work to treat acne and spots from the inside out. No harsh chemicals or over-the-counter prescription drugs with unwanted side effects, you can achieve clearer skin in as little as 6 weeks.  Whether you suffer from acne rosacea or hormonal acne this natural spot solution is a gentle and effective treatment worth considering if acne is a longstanding condition.

Everyone is going through their own struggles…yes, really

Often it can feel as if  you’re the only person in the world feeling unhappy in that particular moment. It can feel a little more comforting to realise that there are many people who feel just like you.

Not only that, but each and every person we meet is probably going through their own struggles. This may seem obvious, but it really changes your perception of things next time you feel sad when someone is unpleasant to you — they could be dealing with many problems of their own — or next time you see someone else’s seemingly “perfect” life on social media — they could have a lot of body hang ups you don’t know about.

Once you start to realise that you’re not alone, it feels a little more like we’re all in it together and chances are you’ll stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others quite so much.

The best things can happen outside of your comfort zone

It’s easy to let fears run your life. We all have them and some of us perhaps use these fears to avoid doing new and exciting things and so pass up opportunities. Whereas others accept their fears are there but try to overcome them.

Although it can be really difficult to do the latter, to say “not today fear!” this is when you’ll feel most accomplished and successful. It won’t be easy or possible every single day, but trying to do something that scares you every so often, something that feels well and truly out of your comfort zone will bring you the biggest rewards. And that’s what #FaceYourFearsWeek is all about — understanding you have fears, that everyone has fears and being brave enough to face up to them.

​Follow ​the #FaceYourFearsWeek hashtag on Twitter to find out more or visit Changing Faces to learn more about the organisation and its work first hand.

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