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The Effect Acne can have upon Mental Health

October 8, 2018 by Samantha Smith
Mental Health

The effect acne can have upon mental health is well-documented. If you suffer from acne, chances are you are familiar with how it can affect both mental and emotional health. Our skin is the first thing people see and with acne, the urge to hide is all too familiar. Here we discuss how acne affects mental health and ways to treat acne.

Low Self-Esteem

Social media sites such as Instagram are now more than ever depicting to impressionable people how ‘perfect’ they should look, even if its ‘fake perfect’.  This is fast becoming detrimental to mental health. Living with a skin condition can leave the afflicted feeling they are imperfect and begin to hate themselves as well as their skin. They judge themselves on how ‘imperfect’ society would consider them to be, and that in turn reflects on how they interact with others.

Low Self-Confidence

This inter-relates to low self-esteem as how you feel about your appearance, reflects onto your self-confidence. Chances are, someone with acne already feels they won’t get that job nor that promotion, nor will they have a meaningful relationship, or achieve what they want to achieve in life. So they don’t try. This leads to feelings of regret and failure, both of which only diminish self-confidence further.

Social Anxiety

It may be hard for someone with acne to socialise due to poor self-image. The notion that one is unattractive can hinder forming friendships or relationships. This can lead to an intense feeling of loneliness.


Segregating oneself from others so that they are unable to see you isn’t healthy for emotional or mental health. Humans need social interaction for a sense of belonging, support and simply for laughter & fun. An absence of friendships allows for overthinking, problems (such as acne) start to seem ten times worse than before. Surrounding oneself with supportive people can offer other perspectives. This can help reduce anxiety. More often than not, judgement comes more from the acne sufferer themselves rather than anyone else who knew and cared about them.

Weight Gain

Mental health issues such as depression can lead to over-eating which can negatively affect skin health as well as overall health. Gaining weight will only exacerbate acne as well as cause other health-related issues whilst adding to the pre-existing low self-image. It can be a vicious circle.

Acne and help: clear skin

Chronic acne sufferers are more susceptible to developing depression due to the anxiety one feels living with the condition. Acne and mental health are interlinked and can seriously affect one’s ability to form relationships with others, to have self-belief in one’s own abilities & appearance and affect eating habits. The negative effects of acne are well-documented.

Acne & Mental HealthAt Works With Water our aim is to help acne sufferers feel confident in their own skin. That is why we developed help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN. Through the patented formula Pravenac, help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN is able to it inhibit the growth of acne causing bacteria (propionibacterium). This bacteria is present on most people’s skin and is responsible for acne, spots and blemishes. It works by lessening the number of new skin irritants forming.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties meaning that the size of blemishes are reduced and the blemishes heal quicker, resulting in a smoother complexion.

We hope that by helping you achieve clearer skin, you are also able to improve self-esteem and self-confidence in order to go on to build meaningful relationships, friendships and most importantly, to grab life by the horns…and run with it.

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