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East meets West – Asian Skincare Attitudes

February 23, 2016 by Works with Water
Here at Works with Water, we believe that we can learn valuable lessons from Asian skincare attitudes towards skin maintenance, health & general wellbeing.

It’s a widely known stereotype that Asian skin is much more resistant to the signs of ageing. Studies have uncovered some truth in the claims. Research published in the Journal of Dermatological Science found it took more than 10 years longer for wrinkles to show up on the faces of Chinese women in comparison to French women. 

Whilst this research isn’t conclusive,  at Works With Water we believe that we can learn valuable lessons from Asian skincare attitudes towards skin maintenance, health and general well-being.

A holistic approach to skincare

In Western cultures, people tend to make changes to their skincare routine when they’re experiencing problems. They buy products that target specific areas such as wrinkle cream to combat signs of ageing. Or acne cream to target spots.  Whilst these solutions appear to treat spots and wrinkles on a surface level, feeding skin from the inside is a more effective way to combat skin problems. Conditions such as rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, acne spots and lines and wrinkles.

Asian consumers are much more likely to invest in holistic solutions. Those that continue to build and maintain the strength and quality of their skin from the inside out. They know it’s better to look after your skin all of the time, taking a preventative approach to skin problems.

Skin nourishment from within

Ingestible skincare solutions in the form of powders, jellies and drinks have been prevalent in Asian cultures for centuries. You just have to walk into any supermarket to see a plethora of collagen supplements on the shelves. In China, women have been sharing the importance of good nutrition when it comes to skin and overall health. This cultural knowledge is further enhanced with the new technologies and packaging innovations within the nutraceutical supplements sector.

There’s a clear realisation that this eastern approach to skincare, which is focused on nutrition from within, is truly the best way to ensure your skin absorbs the nutrients it needs as we age.

Trust in natural ingredients

Asian consumers realise the importance of natural ingredients over harsh chemicals. Until recent years Western cultures have favoured a more pharmaceutical approach to addressing problem skin.

However, it’s now quite common to see natural ingredients such as aloe vera, collagen, vitamin c and zinc in topical creams and lotions.  The emergence of trusted and clinically proven ingredients such as lactoferrin and resveratrol in foodstuffs and beverages makes the process of looking after skin from the inside easier than ever.

Skincare as a ritual

Plenty of products in the UK and US are focused on quick and easy skincare ‘fixes’.  Apply a quick cream or face mask and be on your way.

Asian skincare routines are often more involved. They look at the needs of the skin from both inside and outside. Selecting ingredients and products that work effectively and as part of a long term skincare programme that can be incorporated into everyday lifestyle.

At Works With Water we’ve incorporated this Eastern approach into our help: skincare range: help: clear skin, help: clear skin MEN and help: beautify skin.  Our natural skin supplement formulations contain 100 per cent natural ingredients. These are clinically proven to reduce and clear acne, spots, hyperpigmentation and improve congested skin.  As soluble powders or delicious ready-to-eat jelly, the help: skincare range of natural supplements fit easily into your daily life. They become a convenient addition to your skincare routine.



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