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Are acne prescription drugs such as Dianette dangerous?

October 23, 2014 by Works with Water

As another story hits the headlines linking the acne prescription drugs Dianette to depression and feeling suicidal, it is worth looking into the side effects associated with these pills.

Of course, it is incredibly hard to prove a direct link between feeling depressed and taking the drug as there could be so many other intervening factors, but if the anecdotal evidence starts to stack up and more articles start appearing in the press about possible dangers associated with Dianette, it is only right to start asking questions.

Dianette is a contraceptive pill containing cyproterone (a form of the female hormone progesterone) and ethinylestradiol (an oestrogen) that is often prescribed to women to treat acne.

Although many people see some good skin clearing results from taking Dianette, there are also many reported Dianette side effects. Listed for the drug, ranging from depression to an increased risk of blood clots. For those reasons, Dianette is currently banned in several countries, including France, Canada and Japan.

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